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Vlail Kaznacheyev was most famous for his work with “Kozyrev’s Mirrors”, a shielded chamber where the magnetic environment can be reduced to zero, apparently inducing all kinds of psychological and psychic effects where u are essentially (allegedly) whipped out of time, into the Universal Mind. 

He is also known for his experiments with UV. Cultures containing all kinds of disease conditions — viral infections, radiation damage, chemical damage — could transmit these exact conditions to neighbouring cultures that were hermetically sealed off, but with a quartz window separating them, allowing UV rays through. (Glass blocked the effect.)

He also found the converse, that healthy cultures could “walk back” a diseased one into a state of health.

These experiments were widely replicated in the USSR and also in Europe.

It’s extremely hard to find any information about these experiments, although they were all published in the open literature. The best source I’ve found is the American researcher Lt Col Tom Bearden at — but unfortunately, Bearden is mostly concerned with the military applications of this work. He alleges that the Soviets weaponized these findings extensively, and were literally able to transmit disease conditions wirelessly — or at least potentiate populations for certain disease conditions, so that pathogens would become much more deadly. 

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Vlail Kaznacheyev, Cosmic Consciousness, page 25

In summary:

A cell culture was placed into two identical samples, A and B, and placed into two sealed containers with a thin optical window separating the containers.

Kaznacheyev then exposed the cell culture from sample A to a virus which would lead to illness and death and during this time he monitored cell culture B.

As a result, when the window between the two sealed containers was made of ordinary glass, which blocks ultraviolet radiation ,the cell culture B remained healthy. 

However when the window between the two sealed containers was made of quartz, which did not block any ultraviolet radiation , between 2-4 hours after the cell culture A became ill and died, the cell culture B also became ill and died too.

The experiment was repeated more than 5000 times.

It was found that the chance of infection without physical contact was as high as 70-80%.

DNA within a cell works like radio cells, its capable of transmitting and receiving electromagnetic signals. These electrical siganals affect the cell’s health.

Source: , its from a book about AIDS specifically but that was not the sole focus of the Russians work or experimentation.

I think I’ve been sitting in my corner mumbling about electrons and toroidal fields for awhile now. Inquisitive minds would like to know, what happens with a mirror?