I’m going to start this off by asking them to do the right thing — I understand that this is a foreign concept to them, and that it may not compute — and not plagiarize my copyrighted content, so as to light a beacon and attract more victims to inflict their … incomprehensible .. outrageous … and ENDLESS abuse and malice upon.

“GET HIM UP AGAINST THE WALL!!!!!!” “REMOVE ALL DISSENT” oh! ironic! I’ve tolerated YOURS!!

I called Sue at a fairly impolite hour and asked her when she would be removing it. She said she’s worked on it all day and can publish it sometime tomorrow.

I said “thank you.”

I had to listen to fuckers like Joel come in and chew my ass out every day, day after day, over something that displeased him about me personally or the website, but how dare I show up and say that I have a problem with this. !report !report !report !!!

Exterminate! exterminate! ive always hated you fucks.

I just completely lost it when I logged in and saw this disparaging ass note for Woody about my code, about my work, and I fucking fired everyone and dragged that albatross around my neck out back behind the barn and shot it.

And yet “it was so terrible” that you copied every kilobyte and word and stole it to use on your own website (again), I’ve DMCA’ed your website for plagiarizing every word, word for word and pixel for pixel twice now.

“My site sucked so much you ripped it all off from me over and over again!”

From here on out , blame your fucking selves for your own fucking failures.