Kids will believe anything. They taught us this idiotic song , “all gods critters have a place in the choir” but would turn purple and scream “not you! One more $&$#ingword out of you, you’re going to in school suspension again!” now I understand they were preparing me for life.

why the fuck are all these people supposedly crossing the border? who the fuck wants to live in america? muh venezuela? pay attention, youre about to BE venezuela.

all this bullshit about pronouns is designed to turn you into an ”it.”

all this bullshit about men and women not existing, ”birthing parents,” and instructing their military to stop referring to their own parents as ”mom” and ”dad,” its all set up to unperson and dehumanize you, to no longer see a man or a woman or a child or a mother , to see a ”target” or a ”criminal” or a ”subject” or some ”unclean ” ”diseased” person to quarantine or execute as part of an ”operation” and its been pretty horrifying watching everyone clap like seals , chuck their rocks mindlessly on command, or think the MIC or the orange man or ”Q” or russia or ”Putin” are going to save you.

do you ever stop and think about how short of a walk you took off of the pier from “healthcare is a universal human right” to ”fuck yeah, deny them any compassion or healthcare or services ” if pfizer and murderna dont have a billion dollar sales quarter?

“i just dont understand how germans sat there and did nothing while they rounded up gays and jews, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, anyone who didnt vote for fucking Hitler (Prescott Bush’s boy) in November of 1933 under the pretenses of “typhus” and “lice” and, ultimately in its final form, dissidence.”

just like class, those vile fucking animals from NA (or at least pretending to be from NA online) have taught me how hideous youre capable of being. and why the fuck i didnt understand that by the time i was TEN is totally lost on me.