whenever this iteration of my social media accounts get memory holed again , 

there’s nothing especially interesting on it anyway. 

but going back to this idea of rejecting the dimension of “time” other than a manifestation of perception, I’ve seen enough at this point to tell you that we are all connected in some way and that there is some how , or some way , we have premonitions and dreams that come to pass. 

I think of time , not so much in a linear fashion , but more like a blockchain or as I mentioned previously , a couple of intertwined strands that some people might use the word “timeline” to describe , and that when they’re subjectively close to one another , they probably can (and probably do) fuck with it somehow, but things need to be “just so” , in order to salvage one and not really have anyone notice — other than odd phenomenon such as what they call the Mandela effect.

Anything more severe than that , could result in what’s called decoherence in the Everett model. 

… Anything *worse* than that , could be such a radical paradigm shift that it would expose everything , this is the Tsion , the singularity of the past the present and the future, when it all merges together and the chips fall wherever they may … and that will never be allowed as long as some people get to have their way … when “they” talk about how important it is ti deceive us, engage in psyops, psychological warfare, and propaganda , the mask is really coming off of this Beast system.

.. too much of a radical paradigm shift is enough to turn everyone’s brains to silly putty ..

.. TOO much of a radical paradigm shift is going to be the Tsion or the holy instant.

.. if you’ve ever driven a car with bad synchros, and they grind and gnash as you change gears … and if you’ve ever gotten so in tune with that car that you’re the only person who can drive the damn thing , perfectly in tune with that machine, then you’d understand what I meant, in previous descriptions of “rift events” , and this idea that things need to be more or less in synchronization , or close enough to where … well, not to get biblical , but this idea of “new Jerusalem landing” , what would heal the old world and the new world and fuse them back together and smooth over whatever was displaced , and whatever would stand thereafter?


And it only exists here. 

So this idea that they’d just poison and pollute the shit out of this sphere and then go hide out in some other dimension is a doomed one, they mastered the higher order and considered themselves on par with god himself , but neglected (and continue to neglect) the fact that this is as close as you’re ever going to be allowed to get , time and time again if you take the devil up on his promises , you will inherit some shit that won’t sustain you and you will go down with it.

I suppose there are some people who will have a recollection of “it” happening, but you’re still here for some reason… 

This brings me to, what some of you have been calling “quantum immortality” and/or “quantum suicide” , these are closely related , and if you know a little bit about your history, Joseph Rutherford’s thing in the 1890s was “Millions of people now living will never die” , because the window was opening , such as the one that is right now , and some people were catching on to it. These were the people going door to door and spreading their good news or the Manna devotional I reference from time to time. I speak kindly of Rutherford and anyone who walks in the path he carved out back then — not these phony CIA subversion-perversion child fucking deviants at “jw org” , watchtower society, “Bethel” et al as they are known today. I felt it necessary to come back and elaborate further on this, because an earlier statement about Michael Jackson might seem contradictory. (It’s not.)

Our “anti enlightenment society” was devised and put into place in the 1910s-20s , introducing armageddon psyop after psyop, sickness, disease, economic slavery , death , corruption, and endless war and all of that shit got shut down and Rutherford’s prosetylyzation seems like nothing but a false promise- 

Here we are again, “people are noticing things” , and they have us divided, diseased, destitute, afraid, embattled , scaring us with the same old shit: “nukes from russia,” “armageddon psyops” “plagues” give me a break its not the first time.

I can’t tell you this story without sharing one of my favorite quips from that period: 

“Millions now living would rather die than listen to Judge Rutherford speak.” 

That is a “sign” of the times you are in, you’re being given a chance to … reconsider … whatever you feel a need to… when they have failed to keep volunteers from incarnating , through abortion and sterilization , through plagues, through all of their schemes , somehow … it still happens (look up what a “walk-in” is, it’s a similar premise to that 90’s show Quantum Leap , but it would be an understatement to say that it was not predictive programming per se, it was’t the show that gave me the idea, rather, it was the idea that made me look at the show … retrospectively …) and that means … there’s more behind the curtain and it is apparently considerably more benevolent and merciful than whatever the fuck this madness is. 

I’ve lived through death , I’ve witnessed or had a premonition of the “end times” or some blue beam fuckery or whatever the hell that was about. And one of these times, maybe , it’ll finally fucking be over, and we can all say “good.” 

But I think you would be well advised to pay close attention to what is happening, and what you have been taught in your lifetime , consider how you want to end or spend your night , and whether you believe that darkness damning and defaming you on the left any more than eternal witness does …..

At this point if we’re just fighting with each other and not paying close attention …

We’re missing a window of opportunity for redemption.

It happened.

It is happening.

We have all been given a little extra time , to make whatever decisions we will.

The Adversary wants to drag you down with him.

If you go down his path with him, you will go down too.