It’s kind of describing what I was describing, except with different language and terminology. I didn’t copy this, and it was written in 2019 , so it’s not copying anything I’ve posted here or elsewhere (this would be a topic I would not touch until April of 2020.)

It’s possible that we’ve both read and/or are familiar with the Everett model, or that … maybe some of the things you “experience” were real …

But this process of equilibrium , which I have referred to in the physical realm as “chi” , there’s also a dimensional equivalent of it , and this is a better description:

I have said this before , that they would love nothing more than to figure out how to “go .. somewhere else.. and laser us off like a tumor or throw us away like a used Kleenex” but we are closer to .. that force… than they are. 

What might this accomplish? I’ll go really far out in left field and say that the crooked bricks of the cathedral at the basilica could slowly align into place , or a hospital that disappeared 80 years ago could be standing once again. I’ve given the previous example (from 2020) of two copies of the same hotel on the same street , being there one day and then one of them — not being there the next day, and I don’t really feel like talking about the rest of it right now , or perhaps even “never.”

But I remember these things vividly and I don’t seem to be too bothered by them.

In the Revelation of John, 

Jesus is said to have said that some of you won’t be affected by the “second death.”

Is that true? 

“I don’t know, you’re telling me that … “

I have a fucking hilarious theory about something that I don’t want to share today.

For now, let’s call it “unintended consequences.”