… seems as though, for some period of time … people from a certain “group” mistakenly believed that they would be dictating what I would or would not write about here , up to and including , describing their behavior towards me. I have not given a fuck , or been beholden to anyone, for 24+ years, and im not starting now.

I’ve found it necessary to stop fucking caring what that “group” says , or whether they believe me or see any of those people for what they are. Just run like hell , do not waste your breath on their lies or on anyone stupid enough to believe them.

… they’ve already made it clear how delighted they’ll be about this “scrawny diseased pervert ” having a “short time to live ” … in a very public manner …

… and while it would be insulting and disgusting for them to snort a line or chug some more wine and hoover a few more pain pills as they clutch their pearls and spread even more rumors that I probably “took my will back” and “should have stayed in the program and worked muh steps” , it doesn’t fucking matter… the fucking retards lied and said the most horrendous , vile , manifestly false shit you could conjure in your mind .. like im gonna go “rape” the 80 year old cat lady in Massachussets etc … who the fuck cares, I’ll be dead and hopefully never think about them or anything else ever again.

… the fact that you idiots sided with any of them , believed them, or still associate with them , or picked up some rocks and helped chuck them at me without asking questions .. .is exactly why “where I stand with god” is none of your fucking concern, its why I will not be involving you nut jobs in my “life” or my “will” or my “recovery” and would indeed literally relapse and / or die than ever return.

Fucking cults, all of them, should be outlawed. I am doubling down on the principle that it is for the best to ban private messaging on such platforms and force everything out in the open, and to immediately get rid of anyone who does this.

“This is bad for business, get the fuck out of my tree.”

My hands are tied when its my own fucking team doing it , too.

If I am ever stupid or crazy enough to do something like that again, you people don’t even know what a fucking “dictator” IS yet, so help me god I will modify unrealIRCD’s source code and eliminate private messaging from that bullshit so severely that even I do not have access to the function, it straight up won’t exist.

Gossips and scolds and perverts and predators can all “die mad.”

Alright so all that nonsense going on, and the Fake Plastic Bitch from Howard Brown starts her shit with me and her 3,600 fuckboys/beta orbiters publicly and this is the one who says she’s my “friend” LOL. No wonder I snapped on her.

In commemoration of ten months I would like to announce I WOULD rather be drunk in an alley reeking of piss behind 7-11 with my legs wrapped some geeked out hobo jackhammering me , than ever come back just … so we’re clear on that