If you had ever told me , that I would be glad:

I was “not ever welcomed in, or invited” – 

That I would have chosen the present time to be celibate and/or sober –

Or to go disappear into some desert for a few years.

Not really so much by design, as much as it was “that’s just how life ended up.”

Or that I’d be glad that your so-called “inclusiveness” left no shelter for me.

I wouldn’t have believed you.

Think I’d ever be reluctantly “grateful” for a bunch of psycho, life ruining, “spell casting” broomstick riding treacherous women and/or nut jobs from 12-step groups for showing me … just how profane, sick, corrupt, backstabbing, devious and evil humans could possibly be over “power” in a fucking IRC chatroom… so I could fully understand how ugly politics and/or the real world really are?

Here we are.

“People’s rejection IS God’s protection.”