Some correspondence with Richard from “Targeted Justice.”

I know Joseph Konopka, Paige Thompson, weev, and knew Adrian Lamo.

You need to free Paige. I got some email from Capital One, telling me I could file for relief for being “victimized” by Seroquel (the chatter, not the medication, lol) in the “Capital One Hack” but its bullshit, she used open, exposed, public APIs that were not even password protected and you’ll find that is what got weev out of prison on appeal. The judge decided that his only crime was that AT&T was stupid.

They’re modifying CFAA to exclude “white hat hackers” , my wish for tonight is for every prisoner in the world to be free. Except for MTW, that guy’s a jerk.

What is a “perp” , anyway? Some fuckhead who gaslights you and denies that you experienced the abuse , torture, and/or persecution that you’ve faced, right? Or redirects blame from the parties actually responsible for this?

I do not have “voices in my head,” I have front page local and /or NATIONAL NEWS archives on my side, court documents, newspapers, receipts, and provable targeted harassment by real people with real fucking names and addresses. What I have been through is apparently persuasive enough to have been granted a new social security number and a sealed identity through your HALE program — so let’s talk about “substantiated claims” with “receipts.”

I have a document I can take to a magistrate and get a clean passport and drivers license in two days flat if things get a little bit too out of hand (again). I imagine that they will. Look me up, while some of my aliases are readily determinable through Lexis Nexus and other public sources my “actual” name … or at least the one on any documents that matter .. is blacked out, sealed, and unknown to even my parents.

I’m at the point where I just roll my eyes and say “whatever, I’m from America where names don’t mean shit anyway, unless they do.”

How many of your tinfoil hatters are straight up, classified as HALE or witness protection? It’s way out of either of our hands, we will all be vindicated the instant all these people run out of blackmail money, can’t happen quickly enough IMO.

You think this shit show three ring circus of a “justice” system is on our side? Ha!

I guess, our failed system, has done what it’s been able to for me. Its not enough.

Get fucked Richard, I’m naming names that raped me, threatened to murder me, and/or tried.

“Fusion Centers”: Talk to me when you call Bean LLC and In-q-Tel out by their names.

Seton got rid of my records and denies I was ever a patient. An FOIA request from them having me arrested in Austin TX in 2016 will show otherwise. And US hospitals wonder why we do not trust them, they are “all in” on the TI bullshit and have treated the unwitting pilot participants like garbage for the 14-15 years. 

The Jehahahs never responded because they fuck kids on purpose.

Fuck that magistrate in La Crosse — Gonzales, may you be held accountable for reasons that have nothing to do with meall compromised, its why nobody “does anything.”

The rest is for your entertainment.