I’m still pencil’ed in for calling “Q” and “John Titor” larps, so call this one a Y2k38 theory. Never mind the IBM 5100 — my hypervisor runs on the FAR superior Bynes 5150.

Silicon Valley , and most tech companies, managers are clueless fucking asshats who procrastinate on known issues, ship software known to be bug addled as a GA release, and put every crisis off until the very last fucking minute.

IBM has lost some market share to products like Peoplesoft, which are capable of directly executing Fortran and assembly language, a bunch of HR departments and universities who were among “the first business entities even using mainframe computing” have jumped off of the mainframe ship , or at least MODERNIZED their code and moved it to an up to date 64-bit IBM OS and server, that doesn’t have the y2k38 problem. 

I just had a conversation with someone about AIX and whether it was a “dead OS” and had to check this one but it was updated in December of 2021. 

Tons of hospitals still use AIX for weird use cases such as a federal requirement that they keep fetal monitor records stored electronically for 21 years — and that requirement alone is “sus” as far as I am concerned but I will leave that alone today — so they have a 21 year data retention that keeps creeping 21 years forward as more infants are born and monitored — sure.. they can clean up the old data — but they have a rolling 21 year period of mandatory data retention —– and yeah, THOSE are the people paying IBM $100,000 – $250,000 a year for software support. 

That’s an example of something nobody wants to migrate off of, or have a low incentive to migrate off of, “because it works” and “shit, even if we do switch vendors, that fucking thing STILL has to run and be accessible for 21 years” and it’s apparently such a strict requirement that if a deployment of a competing product — if there is one — and the new system fails to retain that data …

Well anyway, there is a good reason McKesson and Epic do about half of their work in “old” existing systems via middleware functions rather than attempting to replace those back office/back end functions.

Suppose they shrug their shoulders and put off the y2k38 problem for another 14 years.. and they will, because that is how these dipshits run their businesses…

Suppose everyone’s pretty much fucked and dependent on IBM solving it if they are STILL on a legacy IBM mainframe…

Suppose someone comes up with a platform capable of converting the old assembly/mainframe/cpm shit to and from unix and wants to capitalize on that…

And IBM says “we already invented that.”

The IBM 5100 — why wouldn’t they advertise or document its capabilities?

Because these functions were intended for the sole use of IBM field techs.

And patents and licenses start vaporizing left and right once that is revealed…

The “services” industry (ACS/Xerox, CSC, many others not important enough to name, such as “infosys” who dominates the government space and NOT by talent) didn’t really come around until other hardware, OS, software, etc vendors existed. 

Had someone figured it out, and not been bound to a non-compete clause —

I’d be rolling in literal fucking millions if not for such a non-compete clause , because I apparently know more detailed information about several hardware devices and software solutions out there in the field that I supported than, in some cases, the business units who designed , deployed, and sold them. 

Ask me again “why all these evil big tech firms do evil things?”

I believe in technology, science, and the spiritual just as surely as I believe in, and can explain Sargent’s proprietary methods of submastering via the use of warded clusters of three superceded by one key that fits them all. If we were in a “simulation” , I suppose the “source” (the mysterion, the sacred secret, the jesuchristo, it has more names than I do) would be the supervisor and our “dimension” would be the hypervisor , and you and I would be individual “processes” in some sort of “virtual machine” if you wanted or cared to look at it that way. I haven’t really thought that one out , “fuck it, we’re gonna do it live!”

Human behavior is not predictable unless it is kept in a limited frame of perception. I postulate that we have been deliberately kept in a limited frame of perception via propaganda , media , suppression, and outright falsehoods since at LEAST the 1950s owing to the fact that the computing resources available at that time were only capable of computing likely outcomes and probabilities of two scenarios or inputs. In order for “that” matrix to work, and accurately “predict” future outcomes, people must be kept in a limited frame of perception, addled with drugs, bombarded with lies and propaganda etc. 

I think history will show many cases where “some people did some things” so that we would stay more or less within “acceptable parameters” based on that technology. And now, there is better technology, quantum technology , that is still pretty bad, but can be trained to guess better than its predecessor technology, and wouldn’t I love to be a fucking fly on the wall for what its real conclusions are?

It’s not about “technology,” all this stuff about the pyramids, portals, alternate tracks, I actually do believe “that’s a thing ,” and that these will open up for certain people under certain circumstances, whether due to their innate characteristics, (or in some cases yes , drugs) and in still other cases, indeed, due to both. I believe in that shit way more than I believe in “time” travel, because as of the present time, as I have repeatedly said, I do not believe in time. Time is a manifestation of perception, and if there is a way to record what has happened, what is happening, or where all of that converges, and technology is in any way involved, it would likely involve background radiation or something like that , that can be read by technological means. This is not important and it’s probably not that difficult.

Remember that “trauma victims have black and white, all or nothing thinking.”

And BPDs, whether innate or just drawn that way , or raped or brainwashed into it.

The problem with a scenario of a “time traveler” becoming widely believed, plausible, or proven , is that it would cause people to escape from their limited frame of perception, is that this shatters their “black and white, all or nothing, there are only two possible outcomes or paths forward” frame of mindset.

I suspect, given enough time, someone– I do not purport to predict anything — will pull off a stunt that is literally going to sledgehammer the fucking screen, think “michael jackson is actually still alive” or something fun like that, that would make everyone realize they have been lied to about everything, forever, but at the same time won’t reduce everyone to 10/10 gibbering straightjacket material. 

[as an aside, this would be an example of a “decoherence” level event. I am sure someone with a better sense of humor and/or more resources at their disposal can come up with something more original than that.]

So if human behavior is only “predictable” when it is kept in a limited frame of mind or perception, and someone else has “cracked the code” on predicting human behavior or societal outcomes, this leaves us with your answer for their desire .. no… PANIC .. to keep every single one of us on a tighter leash and control our movements our communications, what we are allowed to see on TV or post online.

Whatever’s coming they want to make goddamn sure , that nobody is aware of it.

That nobody can discuss it.

That nobody will ever believe it.

Believe it.

Imagine what we don’t know they’ve done, or what they are working against our interests to cover up or enrich themselves with. 

If you find yourself in a situation that looks like blue beam fuckery, I suggest you leave the area in a calm and orderly fashion. Leave the state altogether if possible. It’s either Jesus or glowniggers. If it’s Jesus and you’re good, you’re good. If it’s Jesus and you ain’t good, stay calm anyway, he’ll get to you next.

So , you can either infer that .. I have either experienced exactly what I said I did …

And that I have a very fucking compelling reason that I would even say that to you.

Or you can check me off for “cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs,” I don’t really fucking care.

Maybe if it is a test, it’d be for the BEST if you listen to your OWN instincts.