someone (Amy siskund, dumb cunt) was ranting about maga people and their “unsophisticated” choices in vehicles, and I was like LOL your “sophisticated” taste in vehicles is what made Elon Musk so rich he’s buying your leftist safe space and unbanning Trump, LOL

anyway, various explanations of a theoretical multiverse, i like the visual example of the ends of a fiber optic cable extending in every possible direction but I am bound to three of them that also sort of resemble “twisted pair,” numbered 17, 18, and 19:

There is a mediating force that decides what future potentials and outcomes are allowed, but “they” try to stay one step ahead of this by manufacturing propaganda, amygdala hijack, and circumstances such that the three of them resemble each other within let’s say a 1-5% variance.

You could also visualize it as overlapping waveforms, and if they get too far away from eachothers baseline , this is a “decoherence event” under the Everett model. Trump being elected President is probably one of the wildest examples of that in historyif you want an explanation for why the whole fucking machine went berserk.

And it might not be anything more complicated than “they’ve been doing this since the 1950s, human behavior is not predictable, so they forced people into a limited frame of perspective, traumatized and brainwashed them into adopting “all or nothing,” “black or white thinking,” and cornering people into thinking they only have two choices, that one of those choices threatens their survival or is the “lesser of two evils” or whatever. It might just be a matter of, “we can only kind of calculate human behavior within a certain range if we force these choices or circumstances on them.” :

“Decoherence” under the Everett model would be something so fucking drastic, like “9/11,” that there is no “Mandela effect,” and we are all forced into accepting a “consensus” “historical event” (i could name others, but I won’t make any friends in doing so) that is inalterable, a trauma like the “Challenger disaster” or “9/11..” or whatever.. you and I are bound to intertwined paths forward that “must” include “9/11.” I suppose there could be, or could have been , people who think that the the Revelation of St John has come to pass (I’m sure more than once, “they” are always trying to make their “prophecy” happen, fuck off this is NOT the first time they tried this playbook) 

They are not subjectively “real” or “true” to enough people, to be counted in whatever force(s) mediate whether they are an acceptable path forward.

I guess I like to think of it more as a strand theory than as a string theory.

I’m not 100% sure what Dr Munizza and her colleagues — or any of those other “behavioral modification programs” did to us when we’re 12 or 13 or whatever. Paris Hilton and Paris Jackson have the floor on that one and so far they’re just on the physical/sexual/mental abuse, we had in that in abundance as well.

Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure it’s fucked up, illegal, and they just figured we were disposable because , as they *loved* to tell us at every opportunity, the “recidivism rate was so high” 80-90% of us would be “dead or in prison by the time we were 18.”