I’ve talked some shit about her husband and I’m so pissed off right now that I’ve incinerated the fucking red cap , what fucking difference does it make, they took my society and my community and shoved all that into the incinerator, fuck a flag and fuck the maga hat, as lefties would say, they’re both just a “clump of cotton.”

I’m living what you might call a brutally honest program and/or life and I just fucking cried my eyes out watching this interview with Melania.

“People always criticize me no matter what I do. And I’m used to that. I move forward and I’m here to [help] people. And that is the reason. And I would encourage those people to help in their own community. Or maybe join my Fostering the Future initiative.”

“I had much more important things to do, and did at the White House, than being on the cover of Vogue.”

I’m not a well woman right now, and I need some time and space and to participate on my own terms and/or not participate at all, if that’s what “self care” looks like for me right now. Don’t even fucking pretend that any of us are easy to deal with.

I’ve always had that inner restlessness and “itchy feet” and a mind that’s already 200 miles ahead of me up the highway but I’m having a moment here where I’m just tired and I’m in bed all day, every day … and normally my place is spotless and febreezed and I never go to bed with a dish in the sink — but I got hit by a bus and for a minute there, sure as hell feel like a guy who’s been hit by a bus. La Duena would have shrieked if she’d stopped by and seen what a mess this place was. 

48 states.. 7 countries.. over 2,000,000 miles on the highway .. and I think about Chris from time to time and how he would say “you can’t do that forever.”

It’s taken a little bit of time to even get me to where I can go outside and smoke on my porch lately. La Duena’s noticing that I don’t trim my beard and I’m wearing the same fuckin Nipsey Hussle shirt every day. She’s been giving me concerned looks and asking me if everything’s good.

I haven’t been disappearing off to CDMX or Guadalajara for days or weeks lately.

It is and it isn’t. I sent a couple pictures of the eclipse from my porch and said “noche oscuro, I love you.” 

This is a pretty fucking bright midnight moon.

I pulled out my sim card cause I’m not going to worry about the silence anymore.