What I refer to as a “rift” is what others have referred to as “decoherence” — there’s this big dome like thing and everything’s orange and its on fire, and there’s vaccum cleaners in the sky and shit — and everyone knows EXACTLY what the fuck is going on, but what a difference one day makes and it just “never happened.” I have personal experience of two of these events roughly along DEW lines and/or the southern so-called border, and predict another one kind of the roughly somewhere in the area of Pennsylvania — I’ve already commented on this publicly and it’s possible that this one will be dodged, because 1) fuck off, I’m tired and I want nothing to do with it , 2) the window of opportunity for it has passed, and 3) predicting such an event could cause a radical paradigm shift with unpredictable consequences if/when such a very extremely specific claim were to check out.

One day a street in Clearwater has two hotels from the exact same brand/chain and franchise mere blocks apart , and then when you wake up the next day, only one of the hotels is there … You wonder why I go on these tangents .. about … your most basic assumptions, challenging just one or two of those is enough to cause enough of a radical paradigm shift to result in said “decoherence” and now you know why, the propaganda and the shit on your “idiot box” has to be so — the radical paradigm shift, the “decoherence, ” causes such a divergence that one possibility ceases to exist. Re-read me. It’s all over this blog.

And you come home to find out that your mom was in some weird headspace where she’d invited the authorities into your house to search for drugs and weapons because she was terrified you were about to go , like commit a mass shooting or something heinous like that?

… and you’re just discredited as an addict or a lunatic .. I haven’t disagreed that I’m lunatic, but where the hell did she even get that idea from and why were these police accepting an invitation into my home, to toss it and search it with no warrant and no probable cause or any reasonable basis to do so?

I told you those fuckers tried to set me up in the early 2000s — its true, the case may be wiped but the receipts are at the courthouse and in both newspapers archives , and I can’t imagine they appreciate what I say about them but its true.

I feel like I had another close call with somehow getting blamed for something … again … it was not very long — hours, maybe a day or two — after I’d posted the pictures I’d taken of that newscast and they’d hacked my fucking blog and set all that into motion? Knowing what I know today I don’t believe them about “Doc.”

I was not , and am not, on drugs , although that’s your favorite means to discredit me or anything or anything I have to say about whatever the fuck happened.

I guess Dustin was right after all. Did you know, the CIA actually invented this whole thing about sucking on a pipe and hearing voices no one else could in the 1960s? LOL

Is it possible that the ability for apparently contradictory individual experiences , is more closely related to many-minds than I think you think that it is, because what is and a mind , and what is matter anyway? 

Wayne used to always say “love is a sophisticated subroutine running on a computer made of meat.”

This is fucking cool: https://www.hedweb.com/manworld.htm

The non-contradictory, simultaneous nature of multiverses is better described by the Everett Interpretation, but neither many-minds nor multiverses can exist under the premise of duality: “for everything there is, there is something it isn’t.” 

Another way of looking at duality , is to that is to say, that “for everything there is, there is something that it isn’t, unless there isn’t” and if there is, then who or what observes, experiences, or arbitrates it? 

Is an atom in one of the pebbles under your sandals an “observer” — pleased to offer itself in service to your objective experience, humming “I’m an atom, I’m an atom, I’m an atom” eternally?

What if a bunch of people screaming about you being a larp, or insane, forgot all you and then twenty years later someone else came across it and said “hey, wait a minute, this is actually really fucking interesting?”

I had a dream at Norris , where the unit manager brought out a ladder one time and he hung a clock on the wall. The clock in question had been sitting on the top of the bookshelf in his office for the entire time I had been on the unit.

The next morning, my jaw dropped open as he did exactly that same very thing and put the clock exactly where I dreamt he had. I was excited and told him all about it and he just scowled at me and told me to go back to sleep and come back with next week’s winning lottery numbers.

Apparently that is just … how peoples minds work and where their minds go.

I’d probably counter back with “what is money, anyway?” but what the hell does a 13 year old know anyway?

I know THAT happened, despite his sarcastic and dismissive reaction to it.

I go .. what other experiments do they do to kids? “Hey we’re here to have you solve a puzzle” “some men are here to do a test on you.”

Why kids? Well, they have no idea what is in their environment or how it works.

A 39 year old me might be like “what the fuck, is there an MRI behind this wall?”

Except, in the occasional circumstance where you know how more things work than they are particularly amused with and they need to use better locks for you.

So okay, I am finding out that there are …. other people … who say this shit and call it other things than I do. If people’s minds immediately go to “well, go back and get me those lottery numbers” or “I want a wining horse name for the derby,” then what makes you think that if GE or one of those motherfuckers literally invented a “time machine” wouldn’t be just as callous or greedy or opportunistic and alter the course of history in the favor of themselves, their shareholders, their business interests?

Or .. ah fuck it let’s call it that , without splitting hairs into whether it is a distortion, alteration, warping, or bending of “time” or “perception” because time is a manifestation of perception any fucking way, but what if they did it and …

And said we’re going to go back in time and own everyone and everything, or fuck things up so badly and catastrophically that they diverged enough to create a final decoherence. Ask, why would someone “from 2036” interact with us or be desperate to acquire a machine that could translate mainframe languages?

What happens in 2038? The end of 32-bit unix epoch time. I just imagine they’d let everything run and run and run and and run and just deny the problem until kaboom, it was totally fucking unrecoverable? What would me think corporations or politicians would do such a stupid , reckless thing when they have 16 years to fix it? Is it more important to go back and erase any potentiality where anyone involved in this was named, blamed, or held accountable for what they did?

Or just race to acquire and own all technology, all media, all patents, all intellectual property as fast as you fucking can and install the machinery to silence or eliminate anyone or anything who …. has the persistence of memory in a “rift” ?

Why “must” the war happen?

Why “must” the agendas happen?

Why must these two countries go to war with one another?

Why “must” the United States go through a period of uprisal and upheaval or experience class strife, racial strife, etc?

Says who?

Why does it have to be exactly so?

“Why did SHE have to win?”

“Why, must HE absolutely not, under any circumstances, be allowed to win?”

Why are they calling it “terrorism” to question the results of that election?

What is decoherence? 

A paradox where there is a reality where original World Trade Center still stands.

Or, let’s use my favorite one to make fun of, “JFK Jr is still alive.”

I sit here staring at the wall, wondering “what the fuck, what if X really happened?”

They silence us , because WE have the potential to create a “decoherence” event.

I have a secret for you: 

Trump WAS the decoherence event. The rest of this is , all just , nonsense.

A window of opportunity, a rift, will be closing , if it hasn’t already.

There appears to be some way of .. being taken along for a ride , here. But my presumption is that most of us would continue going on as we are in the here and now, and they would continue going on as they are in their here and now, except their “history” and narrative would diverge so much they could no longer contain or control whatever the fuck it is that they are doing. 

Part of the problem with that is a whole generation of people who “just wanted to retire” , or “ship it anyway” knowing it was faulty, the people who “just want the trains to run on time” let the 2038 problem happen and then by then pretty much everyone left is too stupid to actually do anything about it, because of your you-know-what hiring practices. Even in 2019 I was explaining “DST” to these idiots.

Just as they do today , “oh. shit. we’re going have to fix this in two years aren’t we?”

What if we don’t make those choices, that we didn’t want to make anyway? 

And let them live with their choices, their arrogance, their refusal to take a constituent’s call , or shouting down the one person in QA who says “uh hey guys, um, there’s a flaw in this design” 


Worst case scenario they come after me with the butterfly net and my case manager renews my benefits for another year next year.

Best case scenario, the world isn’t as awful as I’ve supposed that it is, unless it’s way worse than I’ve supposed that it is.

Why do all of these fucking corporations and billionaires and people participate in this? Low IQ take: “huh huh huh, they drink children’s blood.”

I don’t know, maybe, just fucking look at some of them, I would 100% believe that.

But what if these “big tech” companies are covering up something they already did , that from our perspective, never happened yet?

Do I have your attention yet? 

Clones .. at least the way you do them now .. are one dimension lower than their original, and the world you wanted to throw away like a used Kleenex is the only one capable of sustaining them.

Argon. Argon, that’s what it was.