I’m still going back this to whole critique of there’s no central, overarching theme, he just calls everyone bitches and cunts and stupid mother fuckers , like we’re Anna Wintour or something – is that NOT a “central, overarching theme ?” Or maybe this is just my stupid fucking diary. Assume that this post is thinly veiled sarcasm, and assume that my current and/or past “audience” is totally unknown to me. 

It would be an understatement to say that the commentary from those who do have the ability to contact me (it is clearly not difficult, these fuckheads managed to do so from 5 countries and at least 7 different US states) has not been positive. 

Nonetheless, I write “for me,” and, possibly, for someone who has no fucking idea who I am but might come across this in a year or five or .. a dirty bottle washes ashore, a dirty needle washes ashore, if you have a classical “NDE,” think of yourself as a dirty bottle washing up on a bright white “shore” of light, and think of yourself as a “note” or a “message” of sorts, that someone might crumple up very angrily upon reading it. 

They are mediating all potential outcomes, convergencies, and future possibilities, future states, and future you’s and future me’s , but know nothing about the past, only what is neccessary to calculate the “now” because it is necessary to do so without the bias or the bitterness that I might have about a person or a place or a personal circumstance.

If you are hurting, or feel unheard in the oppressive constructs of our current society and/or those who mediate what is or is not acceptable to say , know that “whatever the hell it is,” we are not alone or the final stop on this journey – in the final analysis you are a tape recorder, you are a message in a bottle, and I am not really fucking sure who the recipient is or what they do with that information.

I’m annoyed enough to cut the shit already and make a bald-faced claim that I have experienced technology that works on the reverse premise of “animal repellant” devices and heals the human body, that a healthy human body has a healing or symbiotic relationship with plants and trees and its overall environment, and that the earth itself is repaired by a mediating force I understand to be “chi,” and you can’t … go as far as understanding what is outside of this sphere if you do not understand what is inside of this sphere. It will be inherited and in the domain of those who loved it enough to persist or partake in the cleanup. I don’t know what else to tell you other than I feel cheated and I wish I was there instead of here.

Telepathy was deemed to be too invasive, future interfaces are essentially , sort of a hybrid holographic/telepathic interface that you can kind of figure out .. about as easily as you did your first iphone, and it’s a far more pleasant user experience. 

The OSF protocol is artistically expressed very well in the movie “Run Lola Run”when they’re in bed together and she gets a do-over the next day, and then I am very quite likely possibly influenced by predictive programming by a movie called “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” in musing whether it is beneficial or ethical to wipe you clean of your traumas if such a technology ever were to surface. 

Would you make the same mistakes, would you fall in love with that person again?

……….. well, I got some butterflies that want to ask , “why wouldn’t you?” …………. 

Here’s the next one: Alternating Current (AC) needs to go, it is harmful to human health. DC and/or ZPE win, as uncomfortable and/or costly it is to make the conversion(s) necessary. One of the main reasons it needs to go, is that rather than “increasing your production and output or building more plants,” AC transmission has a LOT OF LOSS over transmission and distribution lines, and you would regain more distribution capacity by eliminating the LOSSES from AC transmission alone, than you are going to gain from increasing generation and or transmission capacity of the AC infrastructure , this isn’t a “if,” this is a “when,” just run the math on the inefficiencies and loss on transmission alone and surrender to this idea.

Eventually you will have no choice in the matter, but you’ll put it off until it really is a global catastrophe because that is how you do things.

Is that “specific enough” for you? 

I’m going to be really fucking disappointed if this isn’t going to be something that is a part of my time here, I guess it was, for a minute, and then it “wasn’t” no one’s ever going to call a press conference and say “oh yeah, stuff like this does happen” but the sham and the drudgery will pay dividends if you care to partake in it. 

I had planned to go through Texas and stop at “that godawful place” and give Rob C a huge hug along with anyone else who is still around, alive, and/or trudging along. I’m not mad at my ex, I don’t know if it was too forward to tell him they were playing that Shakira song on the ferry to Maztalan and it wrecked me. It’s unlikely I’m returning and I don’t know if we will see or talk to each other again. I’m just happy we found a way to say “it’s okay” to each other. 

Thing is, I .. really would love nothing more than to darken the doorstops I always darken from time to time , but I kinda wrecked my old car and started it on fire on the way to the US in September.

And then 2/2 I hit the leftover pieces of el perro muy muerte , who had unfortunately decided to play that old Atari game “Dogger” on the Autopista and lost his argument with the SUV in front of me. I go okay, car’s fixed, I’m ready to go back the United States; and then I get rear ended by a mother fucking bus. LOL.

^My Spanish remains terrible, but if you are bilingual and enjoy a better mastery of Spanish than I currently possess, you recognize the construction of “losing his argument with the SUV” , god help us, I was cracking jokes in a second language before I spoke it, no wonder I only ever had like maybe 3 k-12 teachers who didnt hate my guts. 

It has to be a fucking nightmare for people who specialize in Artificial Intelligence (AI) , that is how you end up with a “Tay” problem, and that is probably one of the MAIN reasons why dickheads like Zuck don’t like dickheads like me on their playground, and for what that has cost me … in terms of regular contact with my family … or damage to an already unsteady social standing to begin with, no, I will never EVER shut up about what you’re getting wrong here and doing to destroy the fabric of our society, and or possibly even drive our species towards sterilization and/or extinction. Y’all are scared of a comet? You should be as terrified of FB/Meta’s logo as you are the number “666.” If your bots don’t comprehend sarcasm or can’t win a debate, then you need to write better bots.

I have not been home since January 6th, what the fuck. I must not be meant to. my thoughts on this matter would probably get me committed to a sanitarium.

“I’m Troy McClure. You might know me from movies such as Resentment Gone Wild, Volumes 5 and 7!”