Sometimes it’s therapeutic to scream along with Linda Perry in the car :

“Oh my god, the bomb has just dropped- and everybody CLIMBED RIGHT ON TOP screaming , what a wonderful country-“

If you are a politically correct twat, beholden to even more politically correct twats than you are, then I want even less to do with you, than you do with me.

Lauren Witzke got on my bad side for announcing that she would “never defend gays” and I was like “bitch, nobody asked you to. We’d ask for someone capable of intelligent debate if we needed help.”

Now don’t you have a hot , sensational, earth shattering, front page, leading story to go chase down about some lady who is angry about her order at Burger king?

It’s not brave or edgy to get on and announce for no particular reason that you refuse to “support gays.” I didnt understand the public outburst. Did Andrew Torba ask you to give Nick Fuentes money or something, Lauren?

Political correctness is a weapon of the oppressor , tool of the communists, ruiner of civilizations and societies , enemy of life, etc and I will claw at the fucking eyes of all persons and all things politically correct until the day I fucking die.