Travis, owner of inappropriately injected himself into privileged attorney/client communications. Travis threw my court filings and letters to multiple US Attorneys and state Attorney Generals (including South Carolina, which are time sensitive communications regarding their oral arguments in the US Supreme Court on January 7th) away and deleted my account. He also destroyed two injunction requests addressed to the United States District Court of Arizona , pertinent to case numbers 2:21-cv-02190-mtl (Grodevant, et al v Biden, et al) and 2:21-cv-02149-jzb (Grodevant v Ducey, et al). They charged me almost $700 for fedex postage, destroyed my correspondence and refused to send it, and have not refunded it or clarified which items were sent to the courts and Attorney Generals, or which items were destroyed. History will not be kind to the people who stood in my way and IMO they need to be prosecuted for destroying/tampering with correspondence for the United States District Court. Here is a copy of my correspondence recommending they be held in contempt or prosecuted for 13 federal offenses. This is the petty ass digital equivalent of running a bunch of Trump yard signs over with your rainbow sticker and #RESIST plastered Kia Sportage, IMO.

I want to clarify that I am not an “anti vaxxer” in fact I was supportive of inactivated virus or adenovirus based covid19 vaccines as recently as May of 2021 and I regret the fuck out of the fact that anyone took my advice on that. Please indulge in some informed consent and do not put your voluntary participation or lack thereof on MY conscience.

It is the (alleged) criminal conduct , anticompetitive, and/or deceptive trade practices of US government bureaucrats and insiders I take exception to, as well as their attempts to coerce people into forfeiting their civil right to informed consent and voluntary participation that I am engaged in some litigation over. Fuck you if you have a problem with that. Do you even know what “fascism” is?

My personal opinion of mRNA stuff does not have as much currency or weight IMO as Stanford’s — they are the ones who said back in 2015 that it is dangerous or deleterious for that stuff to persist in your body for longer than 48 hours, and that studies done prior to 2015 had adverse reactions. I don’t care if you respect me or my opinions or not. For my own part, I choose to heed Stanford’s findings.

I suggest you also look up Dr Robert W Malone who had the original 9 patents on mRNA and has been banned from Twitter for shouting from the rooftops that HE thinks it is unsafe.

You’re probably smarter than me but if you think you’re smarter than Stanford or the guy who invented the shit , then godspeed to you, slampig.