There is a reason they want us divided , black and white left and right, Hillary and Trump, vaccine and no vaccine.

I have been at this for a few years out of interest in HIV.

Everything else is literally an accidental discovery.

Some, in part prompted by questions from the MAGA crowd. Some, in part, prompted by the screechiest leftists on planet earth over on Reddit.

If I were not open minded enough to listen to people and dig through a lot of dirt in order to find a diamond; if i (consistently) took the bait about what to be outraged divided ranted or fighting over today (see “amygdala hijack,” which theyve done to us for over 100 years with armageddon scares, cold war scares, pandemic scares, terrorism scares) ……… and got caught too deep in either circle jerk or echo chamber, I would probably be foaming at the mouth about something that does not fucking matter tonight , and know none of this.

I don’t have the attention span for television or twitch or youtube streamers but I will devour book after book after webpage after webpage. So I don’t watch that Hasanabi guy for example but secretly, I laughed and laughed and cried and rolled around in my bed and gasped for air and laughed harder than I have ever laughed at anything in my life for probably 30 solid minutes at one of his tweets and I’m not fessing up but I bet he could figure out exactly which one. That fucker is almost as sick as I am.

I got a joke for you,

So I called the suicide hotline in Minneapolis, right.

They got really excited and asked me if I know how to drive a truck.