My priorities are:
Clean water
Clean energy
Clean air
Affordable housing
Solving the unsolvable elephants in the room
Restorative justice
Equal protection under the law

I’m giving myself an allowance and investing whatever is left of my Monopoly money into the Mexican economy and / or innovators with a pocket full of magic beans and a solution to any of the above.

Even though I am cringing and suspicious of the usual corruption and pork and grift and kickbacks, I am pissing at windmills and I’ve changed my mind and am fully behind throwing resources at the above.

I have always been live and let live on social issues and i always will be.

I fully support your right to protest, to solve and/or bring attention to other disparities or problems that I don’t even understand because you are fifteen or fifty miles down the road ahead of me on those issues.

My values, such as they are, are what they are. I am but a humble redneck meme farmer.

That said ,

I can’t eat or drink or breathe a gun or a Bible or a flag or a piece of parchment in a museum that nobody pays any fucking mind to anyway.

Do you choose to worship a piece or nylon over a grain of rice?

I abhor violence, dishonesty, and selfishness.

But I will respect people who have other needs and values and priorities than I do.

Hell hath no fury like queer activism, hell hath no fury like militant and beaten faggots.

But I am not your personal army or drone. I will not be manipulated or bullied by the non queer so called allies — or pandering corporations — into allowing mine to be co-opted.

Maybe you understand things I don’t, that are as complicated as the things I think I understand.

Or maybe you have an idea that can solve a crisis and sustain me and everyone else on this planet if you can look past whatever the TV or news feed tell you that you are supposed to be angry about today.

The brave new world scares the shit out of me.

In some respects I appreciate the fact that weapons and drugs are next to non existent in my municipality. God only knows I am exhausted and would love to see the scourges of addiction and violence erased for ever.

I am not criminal , but always concerned about the possibility that under social control initiatives , my mere thoughts and words will be criminalized and that green “Permitted” button will turn red when I go to board a plane or buy groceries.

Considering how many times I have already been singled out for shunning, banishment, exclusion, and silencing by Mark Zuckerburg’s trash fire fucking company.

Now imagine that beady eyed fucking creep, and several others I could name — but who have not directly treated me that way “yet” — controlling what else you are “permitted” to say, think, discuss , do , partake of, attend, or ultimately be permanently banished or unpersoned from.

They already do it with the platforms they own.

Imagine what they will do when your entire fucking society , right down to the door locks and your right to board a train or a taxi or a plane , are wired into a platform they control.

I am concerned about the militancy and passion that I see amongst queers to usher this very paradigm into place.

I am very concerned that , for all the injustice and disparity we witness today; it will become ten times harder for you to mobilize , resist, or raise your voice or your fist in the brave new world.

But as I have already said, hell hath no fury-

You have always found a way in every society.

For all of history.

And the stuff they show us about the peaceful protests , well.

When it comes to queer fury and queer activism, that IS a peaceful protest.

Mind the corporations who pander you you and your pink dollar.

If you truly stand against fascism, then bless you, be an anti fascist.

Not the infantry unit for Pfizer or Target or NBC, because that literally makes you a fascist.

“Look it up” or “read a book “ as you say to me.

It was very nice (not really) of NBC to stereotype us in their popular gay minstrel show “Will and Grace” but , you portray us as tacky and grotesque stereotypes.

You can stop pandering and pretending now.

It just makes me hate you even more than I already do for your fake fucking news:

If you’re an anarchist, then let’s be real, you don’t give a god damn what I think about how to be an anarchist.

You can tell me “how to be white correctly” on the cold day in hell that you agree to allow me to tell you how to be black, or a woman, or a queer, or an anything correctly.

I want you to have clean water, food, shelter, and equal protection under the law.

In the context of that stupid fucking chat room I simply want you to be welcomed and encouraged and to have somewhere to turn if you are despairing of addiction.

I have an opinion on how to do that.

I do not have control over whether you agree with me or want to continue doing things the way you have always done them.

And while it is important to sit there and welcome and encourage people and listen to them and hold their stories in your hands with them; I did that for 13 years , i am all out, i am embattled and sick of toxic screwed up steppers screaming about my recovery with a pill bottle In one hand and a pipe in the other.

I have more important things on my mind now.

Yet many of you have spent years telling me that you want a pine box or prison cell for me.

Under the guise of how caring or spiritually evolved you are.

And all you ever cared about in this life, was having a fucking ban hammer and an @ next to your name in a chat room.

Keep kicking each other in the face while Rome burns, if you still value that above all else I swear to god you deserve everything you reap from that.

I was, and I remain, forever disgusted beyond words by this.

[ X ] You are here right now.

Even if you violently disagree with every single word I have ever said, then at least you are looking underneath every rock in front of you, at least you are listening to other voices , and at least you are looking for answers outside of the boundaries and colored lines that have been drawn in the sand and painted on the ground for you.

Please keep doing that.

You are the only hope that I have left for us.

To dearly departed so called friends — you’ve had your turn and then some to shit all over me with your words and opinions; which in many cases were favored by Mark and Jack while mine were shut down and I was often unpersoned in the so called public square (see “Knight First Amendment v Trump,” which successfully argued that Twitter was the “public square” and that it was a violation of everyone’s constitutional rights to not read your bullshit.)

But when you and 40 of your friends gang up and report my profile, you demonstrate to me that don’t believe a fucking word of that “public square” bullshit.

And neither do the puppet masters you fight for, who MAY favor and amplify your voice today , but I assure you will silence it — and you — as forcefully as they have me — with the same tools and technology and twisted rationalizations tomorrow, while nobody and I mean fucking NOBODY does anything about it any more than they do today.

Enjoy the short lived sensation of the cards being stacked in your favor or my favor or anyone’s favor besides corporate interests that are hostile to life , democracy, truth, and freedom.

They will frame and impugn you the same way they do me, and which you clap like seals for today.

When it’s your turn, fascism will have arrived and it will be too late for a peaceful or non peaceful protest.

There are hills to die on — and then there are hills that we are all going to die together on whether we do say anything or not … while the bombs drop as we bicker bitterly amongst ourselves on Facebook and turn our backs on our friends and our families, doing our part to chuck our rocks and dehumanize them as a mindless brainwashed extension of the racist, dehumanizing, immoral, and corrupt system that has made you the way you are today.

And which will crush you, and your spirit, and your voice just as giddily and as brutally as you have mine.

The US dollar is collapsing , not because of bitcoins, but because your new currency is “likes” and “retweets” and your 1,000th Instagram selfie that looks exactly like the other 999 you posted this morning.

For gods sake at least move your head a little for the next take.

Perhaps SAMHSA can come up with a residential detox and rehab program for that.

On Joe Biden’s first day in the “white house,”
he signed an EO revoking a Trump EO prohibiting scapegoating on the basis of race.

Good job, anti racists.

What would YOU do on your first day on the job as President?

Can you do better than that?

Then please step up and do so.

If i ruled the world for 85 fucking minutes I would pull the plug on social media and save whatever is left of our social cohesion.

I am from a country that will allow you to sneak across the border, burn shit, riot, scream, destroy our way of life , shit all over our collective will , hijack our right to self determination or representation in favor of your will and the representation of your interests until you get your way and your demands are caved into.

But which would just as soon throw me in a cell for daring to speak at all.

Fuck America for being so cucked that this is even allowed.

Land of the free my fucking ass.

I am old enough to remember when “protesting in the public square” meant something other than “shipping my garbage hot takes into the oubliette of disregarded opinions and propaganda from hostile foreign state actors ” known as Twitter, in which, your disregarded protest was duly noted and then disappeared by a censor in a foreign country, with the click of a button. God forbid you say bad things about dear leader or the party in the land of the free and home of the brave.

“Self hating homosexual,” my ass. Eating a cheeseburger instead of Chick Fil A is not a form of political protest.

“Fuck you kid, I’ve got nothing to prove.” — Jill Solbule