History repeats itself: Until 1993, the CDC classified any illness or death with the following symptoms as “AIDS” even if they weren’t HIV positive.

Since the deaths just went up and up and up and up and up they decided to change the definition of AIDS in 1993 once Clinton was in office.

“Reagan and Bush (Republicans) handled the AIDS crisis so badly!!”

“People were DYING.”

“Science should not be PARTISAN” — @AOC

Sound familiar?

See how your pandemics get solved when Democrats are in charge?

“Adjusted for reporting delays.”

What does that mean, we’ll get VAERS data in 55 years?

As soon as I saw that, you know what I looked for next.

“ and the death rate from AIDS dropped significantly. AIDS in the United States was becoming a manageable disease.”

Of course it did. Because you changed the definition of aids.

The definition before 1993 didnt require an HIV test to call all these deaths “aids” deaths.

The deaths didnt go away they just werent “aids” anymore.

“and then one day all of a sudden it will just magically go away.” — trump

“i will just stop the virus!” — biden

America: “Uhh, how?”

Now you know how. They just adjust a PCR cycle or redefine diagnostic / symptom criteria until they lose control again.


These deaths and illnesses have never gone away or even changed significantly per capita year over year. The CDC just explains them away as whatever is politically convenient at the time with no testing whatsoever.

Like the 2019 flu season. 32 to 44 million illnesses. 14 to 21 doctors visits, and 310,000 – 560,000 deaths blamed on flu.

How do they know that? When public labs only tested 62,234 specimens and reporting clinical labs tested less than a million (of which 50 and 20 some percent were even positive)?

Its because the CDC is a fucking fraud and calls epidemics deaths and illnesses whatever they want to, and they move the goalposts when they lose their icy grip on the purse strings or prevailing/controlling party in the legislature or white house.

Jimmy Carter’s approval is an extremely dubious thing to covet or even want to inform other people about.

I saw Clinton in 2016, turned my back and walked out on him at Caesars Palace in Vegas. My only regret is that I didnt know the deplorables well enough yet to scream the magic words “BILL CLINTON IS A RAPIST INFOWARS DOT COM”