I don’t know what this thing is that we could be “missing.”

Suppose something like “HIV” is written to your DNA and it (maybe) isn’t really natural.

That does not account for why “hiv negative” people test positive on a PCR.

But for the sake of discussion, now your telomeres want to find its components in order to assemble new cells.

Alternate telomere lenghthening might work both ways:

“I will extend them for something new”

And “Ah well, can’t find that. I will have to shorten them. Fuck it, SHIP IT!!!!!!”

As software managers like to say.

This almost HAS TO BE TRUE because we know that telomeres shorten with age.

And the people interested in that, are why I am even saying any of this.

Is it possible that some people are more silica based than carbon based?

There has to be an explanation for what I described a few months ago as unpleasant headaches and “feeling like my HIV viral load was spiking” when I am around vaxxies. I get sick every time I leave the Goodwill or UPS Store in the town where I just sold my house with similar stuff.

Look, I can hear 8-9khz and 18-19khz tones that you can’t. I can hear the high voltage flyback on an old style glass CRT. They drive me fucking crazy.

I can “hear” all sorts of shit that I hope to god you don’t have to live with and yes I am a bit touched but the fact that sometimes other people hear it too, leaves me thinking current explanations are somewhat lacking.

This might be explained by paramagnetism , electrons, and toroidal fields in some sense. But if we have (at least) two different sets of slightly different biology then it is a mistake to force a one size fits all approach on the entire planet; hence the suggestion of investigating what is deficient from an individual’s OWN cells or using their own cells as a supplement for as outrageous as that might sound.

And maybe the rest of this superstitious nonsense about “natural born witches” and all the other spooky shit needs to go the way of transferring your sins to a chicken.

So, you ever notice how you hear “X is good for you” , “no, X is BAD for you now.”

“Vitamin ZZZ helps with condition Y”

“No! Vitamin ZZZ doesn’t do anything at all!”

I already mentioned that humans survive “plagues” because of genetic biodiversity. And that is one reason why I believe it is bad to make them universally resistant to, or RECEPTIVE TO, anything.

But there are other factors: Maybe your study is conducted in an area thats 90% caucasian or 70% black, or 100% people who drink the same water or are exposed to the same pollutants .. or are maybe even literally distantly related to each other

And so maybe in one sample population, one of these revelations appeared to be true

But then could not be reproduced by another group in other volunteers.

It’s enough to make you go craz(ier).

Consider things they do to children: “Johnny won’t sit still in class, he doesn’t care about this stupid fucking rote information I won’t stop droning on and on about and all he wants to do is ride his bike! We need a court order to give his developing mind lithium salts and amphetamines!!”

Please draw and quarter those fucking hacks for me they had me on 20+ meds over the course of a year or two under a court order when I was 8-9.

  • Pardon me, I am desperate to not make this “political” or get sucked into that, let’s not politicize stupidity, ignorance, medical malpractice, child harm/neglect etc.

Okay so I brought up sudafed and meth and analogs for a reason. Lets say they form some kind of preferential chemical bond that we are not currently aware of, and you end up writing something altered into your chromosomes.

And now, telomerase activity , is a process of telomerase looking for that thing to assemble the new structure in your chromosomes.

But you don’t find it.

So now you have “sniffles” and “cold symptoms” as you do with telomerase regardless of what its cause is.

So, ah ha! You take more sudafed and it “relieves your cold symptoms!”

Because these stray telomeres found what they wanted to bond with.

Ever get sober and feel “sick” for a long time?

I have seen tens, hundreds of thousands of people come and go from chat, and its always “I feel terrible, I can’t take it anymore, I need to get high again”

So its the never ending roller coaster relapse cycle of, “I cant even function, I have the chills, I’m sick, I just want to feel better.”

Well……… no moral bullshit here okay, just know that there is a point where .. if you are lucky enough to be alive right now .. drugs will not give you comfort or relief, they will give you more pain than ever.

If you’re here, you got a second or third or twentieth chance your friends didn’t.

“AIDS is from drugs!”

Well possibly , but define “drugs” because we are pumped full of all sorts of over the counter shit that is literally ONE MOLECULE AWAY from a DEA Schedule 1 controlled substance. And when we stop taking it we have “cold symptoms” again, so we chug another bottle of WalgreensFluCrap XDM.

And then remember that, as I said, lots of people are “reactive” to PCR for HIV who are otherwise “HIV antibody” negative.

That is why Kary Mullis screamed that you cannot use his PCR test to diagnose HIV.

And now these drug companies have proposals and the money and nearly unlimited power to quarantine or exclude from society.. or possibly shoah … their sundry and various victims. As well as the people who do not WANT to be their victims or unwilling “customers.”

Who was it that said “in order to find out who rules over you, figure out who you cannot criticize” ?