Half of the face masks on the market contain PTFE.

While they allegedly dont “restrict oxygen” or cause you to inhale co2 ( which “fact checkers” are quick to point out ) if you are exhaling excess hydrogen peroxide ; it needs to leave your body and not be re inhaled — your body is working overtime to get rid of that shit. And you’re sucking it back in???

You will get flu like symptoms from the pyrolisis products of PTFE, found on industrial grills , contact cookers (continuous grills that cook food between belts) , electric griddles, and self cleaning ovens they call it “polymere fume fever.”

And none of these manufacturers want to recall every self cleaning oven, every griddle, every grill in the fucking world.

“Oh, we’ll just start making our appliances in Mexico then.”

I don’t want to be a bad guest or speak for anyone, you will have to ask Mexico what they think about that.

Spending $250 million to throw an election or $25 million to buy a politician a mansion is nothing compared to the costs of disclosure, remediation, recalls, or subrogation/injury claims.

None of these chain restaurants want to pay Stacy’s workmans comp for standing next to a 400 degree hotplate for 15 years. They’d rather keep paying her $6.25 an hour until she keels over and drops dead at her station with a spatula in hand.

On the subject of magnetism:

  1. You can clean and purify water with magnets.
  • method one: inductive electrical coil wrapped around a supply pipe like a transformer winding. (want to clean it out? power it off and flush the pipe, it would be incredibly simple to put an electronically operated two way valve on a timer to flush it automatically.)
  • method two: intentionally use a supply pipe containing rust, and a traditiional iron magnet wrapped around it. All sorts of molecules, toxins, and pollutants that have bound, even arsenic, will bind to the rust in the supply pipe. Rust is not necessarily bad.
  • update/afterthoughts: I dont know if you need low pressure , a really fucking long magnet wrapped around a pipe, or smaller diameter / reduced flow for truly potable water. I also don’t know about the chemistry of say, lead. It has paramagnetic properties when energized, maybe you need an iron magnet combined with an electrical coil. This would have been a Doc or a Wayne question. Imagine something like this on everyones pipe in Flint Michigan though.
  • 2. As you learned in a previous post, TRRF/telomerase is very specific about where it goes and what it binds to. Introducing mRNA that persists longer than 48 hours is something Stanford* advised against per that post. (Corrected from “Harvard.”)
  • Creating a mRNA factory in your deltoid muscle , may be inducing TRRF/telomerase to race to that site instead of where it is supposed to go. This explains why magnets allegedly stick to the injection site, and maybe even why some people straight up drop dead or develop clots.

As a reminder, telomerase is responsible for making sure every cell in your body — your blood cells, T cells, every cell means every cell — has an intact copy of your chromosomes upon cell mitosis/division. If you break this, you will have mutated blood cells that cannot supply you with oxygen, tcells that cannot fight infection, or worse. If you are healthy, great, but why do you want another shot of something that does not prevent “infection” or “transmission” of this so called “virus” ? f you do not have time to parse through my various claims .. probably 5 to 7 of those here … this one threatens us with extinction, stop whatever you are doing , this is the one, we can get to the other ones later.

Carbon cannot have more than 4 double-electron bonds, even then conditions have to be favorable; carbon can form a bond with 5-6 atoms but the resulting structure will die under unfavorable conditions; I can think of one route to an antidote but there is a non zero chance of it killing everyone including me, and/or being another thing you can’t get rid of. Which … “science” should have really put some more delicate thought, care, or concern for anything besides profit into by now. I think you people have already managed to destroy everything you touch and should consider giving it a rest.

I don’t see myself providing assistance to sociopaths who lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie … and have nothing to offer me but a boot print on my fucking face forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever.