Going back to the telomere thing, it looks like this was discovered by Carol Greider in 1984 , which she received a Nobel Prize for in 2009.

When cells are copied via mitosis they lose DNA data. There is indeed a process to insert an intact chain of host DNA into the copied cell to compensate for that loss.

The chromosoemes get padded to whatever length they need to be, and then they are capped off “like the ends of a shoelace” ¨so they don’t get frayed like a shoelace.¨ telomerase is an enzyme that maintains the length and integrity of chromosomes , necessary for health/survival of every type of cell in your body.

As people age, their telomerase gets shorter.

As I wrote previously, certain viruses like HIV leave behind excessive telomerase which does not get blocked or cleaned up by entry / integrase / protease inhibitors or an N1 nuclear inhibitor like ivermectin.

I guess if you were trying to crack immortality or the fountain of youth, one angle might be how to go about lengthening TRF enzymes or manipulating the regulation process. Up until the present time you could only really get into transcription with a viral vector (vaccine , passenger virus to carry the payload into the nucleus of a cell) to access messenger rna.

In any case, here’s something else that lengthens telomerase: PFAS and PFOS (aka the chemicals in scotchguard and teflon) which are present in nearly every human and animal body in the united states right now. These are so called forever chemicals that are poisoning ground, surface, and municipal water supplies all over the place.

There is a carbon chain of 6-8 atoms long in these chemicals and they can remain in the body for years and cause health, hormonal, and/or psychological effects. The highest levels found in the US are 11,000 or so and usually in tannery/chemical plant workers. Most people it is a 2 to 3 digit number.

The highest levels in the WORLD are in Wuhan: “In a recent study, scientists tested the blood of fishery workers at Tangxun Lake in China’s Wuhan region. One employee was found to have the highest level of PFOS ever detected in Human blood: 31,400 ppb.”

Want to take any bets on all those fish going to a certain wet market in Wuhan?

So get this, these chemicals are being found in birds, they are measuring the telomere length in these birds , and discovering that it actually increases their survival rate and likelihood to be seen more than once despite being poisoned with the chemicals. See “Exposure to PFAS is activated with telomere length dynamics and demographic responses of an artic top predator.” Sebastiano, Angelier, et al.

Search for FPAS exposure and covid-19, and you will see article after article after article saying that FPAS is found to increase severe risk of covid-19, that FPAS worsens outcomes, fatalities, etc.

They are saying nearly all the animals have “covid” and you know what else they have? FPAS exposure.

The introduction of these carbon chains of 6-8 atoms is definitely increasing telomere length and may appear to be more or less harmless. But “DDR activation at dysfunctional or unprotected telomeres can trigger irreversible growth arrest (senescence) or cell death.” (source)

Continuing, the survivors that emerge either upregulate telomerase or activate a recombination-based method of telomere maintenance termed alternative lengthening of telomeres (ALT).

So TLDR, it will either kill you or you will literally develop an evolutionary adaptation called ALT.
Going back to my rant about Daktronics “bus a bus”, the placement of the chain might be just as important as the existence of the chain. It might not be hurting you, unless it shows up in a damaged or unprotected telemere. And any number of things, chemicals, smoking, drugs, infection, the garbage we eat, can open the window for that to happen. Let me see, how to kick off some free radical damage or oxidative stress?

Let me count the ways.

Funny thing, the telomere regulation process was discovered in 1984.

What happened around then?


The fact we were able to get single stranded RNA from victims of the 1918 flu suggests we always had this mechanism in place. But we were not ingesting carbon chains that were 6-8 atoms long until teflon was invented in 1938 and scotchguard was invented in 1952 , which then slowly started making its way into our water and soil and bodies up until the present day crisis.

What if … Greider was able to make her discovery , based on lab abnormalities or just seeing something that didn’t add up with her experience and education up until that point – based on enough of the population having these abnormalities in telomerase by 1984?

This bears repeating one more time: it will either kill you or you will develop an evolutionary adaptation called ALT.

PCR is not used for HIV testing because many people will test “positive” on a PCR even if they are “HIV negative” which means that what the PCR tests for is not specific to HIV.

Those people have developed an evolutionary adaptation, or else, those sequences are not at the end of the chain and they are non infectious.

They become life threatening when they are activated at DDR or a strand break or a damaged telomerase, and now find themselves at the end of the chain. And it is entirely possible that some of the shit we do .. drugs, poppers, smoking, whatever , opens the window to cause this.

The presence of “HIV” in PCR samples in HIV negative people, means that this is not necessarily exclusive to the HIV positive. They are not present in the entire population.

What is agreed on, is that they are present in ALL HIV positive people.

Therefore you need a confirmatory test like ELISA or Western Blot. You cannot diagnose someone with HIV based on PCR per Kary Mullis, the inventor of PCR.

Yet we use PCR to diagnose covid, isn’t that something? Kary must be rolling in his grave.

So Luc Montagnier says he found HIV in covid and that this is nearly impossible to happen in nature.
What do you think?

Does that mean, he found the same thing we already know that we have always been able to find in a subset of HIV negative people?

And we’re finding it in everyone now?

Well, whatever ¨covid¨is, it is not HIV.

Although a covid vaccination effort in Australia caused participants to falsely test positive for HIV.

Bringing me back to my post on western blots: If we believed that these meant HIV for the last almost 40 years, and now they could mean something else, then what did they even mean in the first place?

I am not going as far as saying that what you are detecting in these people, is in fact, PFAS / PFOS.

But that crisis has escalated to where it is in every single man, woman, child, newborn baby, and animal since 1980.

And it may very well be possible that it is harmless, and that it is not AIDS, unless for whatever reason , those sequences show up at the end of a sequence due to a strand break or other chromosomal damage.

Except now you can’t just write it off as gays or drug addicts or blacks or prostitutes or your other unwanteds. Or even AIDS, whatever that is.

AIDS was turning peoples lungs into jelly in the 1980s. I wonder how much hydrogen peroxide they were exhaling as their cells were dying off en masse.

I was curious to see if anyone has done studies on clearing PFAS / PFOS with NAC or Zantac , simply due to the fact that NAC and DMSA combined have the property of chelating metals and some chemicals.

I only found one study on that , in English anyway.

If China has people walking around with levels of 31,000+ in their bloodstream, their water and soil are done for.

Now you know why they want to conquer your land and your people.

Joe Biden has done everything in his power to put their interests before ours since the 1990s.

I am still waiting to hear all about the coronavirus plan he has, that “Donald Trump doesn’t.”

I didn’t hear either uniparty candidate mention the PFAS issue even once. It should have been front and center oh I don’t know, 8 years ago?

But instead, we were running on grab them by the pussy and vote for me because im a woman, and deplorables and racism and free college and ITS MY TURN stamps feet

I think I only ever saw one person I knew out there, saying “I think it’s fucked that clean water is not even in their top fifty priorities.”