I don’t know if I want to improve on my Spanish. 

Having a vocabulary of about 200 words makes it difficult to really piss anybody off.

Starting to understand one of the more pressing questions we had, back when we had enough social cohesion to have a conversation as a community , which was along the lines of why our water cooler/office talk and pleasantries are so shallow.

And you stop in your tracks and go “ah, fuck, I literally don’t know how else to greet you or how to respond to you or how to talk about …. anything.”

Fucking jet age. Fucking “multiculturalism.” 

That’s what did it. 

“I want to be polite in this setting, but I only know how to say good afternoon, and to respond ‘bien’ when I am asked ¿como estas?”

I’m totally immune to advertisements or what’s on TV.

The guy who invited me over for a “contactless fuck” through a plastic sheet is suggesting I move to Long Beach.

He amuses me.

I do not want to go back to Commiefornia. 

“Remember Mrs. Lot, and when she turned around?”

Fun fact: Sodom and Gomorrah were an advanced civilization who invented electricity before we did. Unfortunately, PG&E happened to be the first electric utility on earth , and the rest is history. /s

Imagine going back to California and paying $2000 a month to live in a closet.

And I really like Spanish but have a tendency to forget languages I’m not using. 

Oh wait, it’s California , silly me.

I think I’m going back to where I crashed my car. My health had rebounded somewhat there and if things get really bad I know some guys who will put me to work in a field and call me gay slurs all afternoon and send me home with more asparagus potatoes and oranges than I can eat.

I’m not sure what Tow Daddy’s sexual orientation is but he seems to be a bit of a maricon when he gets a little bit of Tecate in him , AIEEEEEE, I’mma snatch a kiss if I ever make it back there again some day.