I keep coming back to these theories that , you are one of the “things” meant to be included in the internet of “things.”

They insultingly refer to your body as “wet ware” in various patents for this bullshit: see # 6,965,816

A lot of “conspiracy” minded people have been saying for the last 40 years that aids was a bio weapon or outright meant to genocide us. And that there is something very sinister about the “georgia guide stones” that went up in April of 1980.

Some have publicly interpreted it as “their” announced intentions to cull the world’s population down to 500,000,000.

I’ve looked at it through that lens and … I am not here to parrot what others have said better than I can.

I myself have said that the whole “nwo” social control agenda was supposed to be executed in 1976-1980 under Carter.

Suppose that HIV was supposed to be the original controlavirus/ digital / DNA ID.

And that the three genes they call gag, env, pol , are the viral vector/payload / perpetuation mechanism.

While the other six that are individual to sufferers are unique to the individual. They call this a “mutation.”

How about, those six are unique to the individual because you are “addressable” wet ware, no less a part of the internet of “things” than your coffee pot.

The term for your addressability is “license plate” and Northrop Grumman operates the satellites. Operationally it’s an Army unit, the 151st – in conjunction with USAF out of Colorado Springs — specifically, Fort Carson — the whole Armageddon psyop /mind control / psychological warfare division is Michael Aquino’s doing.

Program name: Malcolm, cover for “Mickey.”

“It’s a small, small world” is a Disney developed programming theme. Have you ever noticed how all their child celebrities are like, short circuiting as grownups?

(Michael Aquino is Betty Ford’s son, and the founder of the Temple of Set, who left the Church of Satan due to his disappointment that Anton LaVey was an edge lord who didn’t actually worship Satan).

This is the same army psyops unit that employs Tulsi Gabbard and they’re using these programs domestically against their own population illegally.

Lieutenant colonel Michael Aquino specialized in psychological warfare. The vain Ipsissimus 6° of the Temple of Set, Missouri, Lt. Col. U.S. Army with high level security clearance, in Military Intelligence and army’s Psychic warfare battalion, Green Beret, member ACLU, Defense Intelligence College, and prominent teacher of how to create Monarch slaves.

Tulsi herself is in an odd “religious” group called the “Science of Identity Foundation.”

They are behind “qanon,” and given the fact that this very same government initiated , and is a proponent of, “Qanon” while simultaneously threatening to persecute , prosecute, scapegoat. and/or imprison people who fall for their psyops — this is a little problem called “entrapment.”

Twitter, specifically, involved itself in this entrapment scheme by identifying people who engaged with #qanon and #wanon hashtags, and a lot of these people have been dispensed with on eleven different public facing social media sites who “share security information” aka: sharing your identifying information, IMEI, telephone number , device fingerprint, your Spotify login/playlists, email address(es), photos, alias(es) so that they can blacklist you from all eleven apps/websites for invoking their ire or disapproval on any one of the eleven. “How do they keep banning me?” Well, Edward Snowden already gave you part of the answer– the other part of it, is vacuuming up your NBAR data. You can swap sims, erase your phone, whatever but look, as you log into your email account, or install the same apps on your smartphone thereby creating a more specific “match” when canvas fingerprinting fails on nearly identical devices such as a smartphone [because millions of them have the same screen resolution, processor type and speed , user agent, operating system, browser version/build etc] or log into Spotify and play the music you usually like it’s over, they can profile you with your login sessions, cookies, favorite apps and sites.

“Several other western states” my ass. All modern Armageddon psyops come from Colorado.

Recall that QANON is not merely about “trusting a plan” and arresting pedophiles- and it will be a cold day in hell before THAT happens — you need to not lose sight of the fact that one of its “overarching themes” is that “God Wins” and “this is the big one.”

And who does end-times military programming?

Exactly who the fuck I’ve been telling you, does:

That whole division is a bunch of satanists and cult faced fucks. And there is a USAF/MI connection. It’s important enough that I don’t really care if you think I’m fucking nuts.

It’s been a fucking thing for 40 years but it’s flawed and not scalable to the entire population. And they fucked up this time, too.

I swear if my toaster starts laughing at that, I am done with this planet right fucking now. /s

How about, it worked, but had “unexpected consequences.”

Like long term illness and fatality.

I think the populations most greatly affected by it : Gays, blacks, and addicts , were and are considered disposable and unwanted and you are dreaming if you think anyone learned their lesson from Tuskegee OR AIDS. Hell yeah they deserve reparations for their modern day slavery from their modern day pharisees and overseers.

The guidestones might not be an announcement of intentions, they might be a monument to “oh dear god we fucked up” and are bracing for the worst.

Of course it’s from an anonymous benefactor heh.

HIV is the perfect cover for such experimentation, due to stigma and shame , people don’t put their status out there.

40 years later thats still a thing.

Case in point: “Spiritually evolved” , enlightened, shiny happy joyous and free people from NA who had been emailing me for the last couple of years mocking me for my status and telling me they hope I die from the virus. I haven’t received one of those ever since I emailed Stan and Miranda and told them exactly what I would do if I received another one of those , and cc’ed the FBI, who had a gentlemen from their terrorism task force contact us all and say what THEY would do if this continued.

What I have learned , is that the FBI can kneel for BLM and fly as many fucking rainbow flags and make all the “diversity hires” in the world but they don’t give a fuck about fags or hate crimes or kid fuckers working in preschools or the k-12 to prison pipeline, they are ONLY interested in trying on J Edgar Hoovers bras and panties , GET THE BAD ORANGE MAN, and/or their interagency crisis of the demand for “white supremacy” being (by far) outstipped by the supply for “white supremacy” they’re having a racism recession over there. Fucking Kylon: “I can’t wait until we kill all the white people! HEY YOURE RACIST!” asshole.

How can I even fucking count the ways these stepper fucks have come out of the woodwork as islamofascists, pedophiles, and flaming red commies or worse and let me tell you this, “They” hate their “victims” speaking out and nobody fucking cares. You can only fake it so long until you’re sucking on a pipe or taking a dirt nap.

Todd can go fuck himself. I didn’t “plot” revenge, I “exacted”revenge and I am telling you in no uncertain terms that some people straight up fucking deserve it.

I have PTSD from those mother fuckers ten plus year reign of terror: threatening to beat me , murder me , incarcerate me , sue me, etc. I am beyond disgusted with NA members who remain pissed off or disgruntled at me for telling the world what they did, while you do not have a god damn thing to say to or about the people who did that to me.

I do not respect their enablers and flying monkeys. I do not like their enablers and flying monkeys. I don’t give a fuck how loudly or persistently or publicly you announce that you don’t like me either.

Anyway –

A lot of people in my situation would be called paranoid but I have a fucking three inch thick REAM of receipts, names, I have everything on these people in 5-7 states and 3 countries and frankly at this point I could just as soon burn them because I don’t need to prove anything or wear persecution or victimization on my sleeve like certain “community leaders” that I am unfortunate enough to know.

I think the fact that I am in the HALE program , a form of witness protection, with a sealed identity and social security number ; is sufficient evidence that someone takes me seriously. I can go in front of a judge and get a new do over and a passport / license that doesn’t come back to me in about 48 hours. I don’t use aliases because I am “crazy,” I use aliases because a rabid pack of psycho fucks have terrorized me since 2008.

I say this now because one of the perps is dead now. Shoved off of a balcony. Could not have happened to a nicer person and I’m only sorry I didn’t get to do the honors myself.

It should be very telling when a prosecutor in king county — Seattle — remarks “this is one of the craziest fucking people I have ever seen in my entire career.”

In Seattle. That Seattle. The land where everyone is fucking crazy, I would say that is one contest you do not want to win.

The fact I am tired of everyone’s shit and left the country is pretty self explanatory.

I won’t refer to NA as “homophobic” because they’re not afraid of gays. They love bullying the fuck out of them. They aren’t afraid of us, they HATE us.

I feel for anyone going through the same thing who doesn’t have the receipts and is gaslit as badly as I was by that cult.

Keep chucking your rocks you cult face fucks, it’s why your “religion” is dying almost as fast as your victims are.

/tangent – Don’t want me to talk about that? Then get over it and leave me the fuck alone already.

Rather than learning from 1980, here we are again.

Either an, “ahah, we got away with this for 40 years and now we have it this time!”

Or a “oh dear god they did it again, man the bunkers.”

If you’re HIV+ and have, let’s say, unusual perceptual experiences you know exactly what the fuck I’m talking about.

And are probably just as afraid to disclose that too.

They already call me insane and a f*g and I am already an unwanted, unwelcome, and diseased pariah.

My benefits administrator has documented in writing that they creep my blog, I am sure, looking for something to grasp at for an excuse to stop paying benefits.

But their comments are along the lines of “yep, 10/10 crazy.”

Well, at the time, the overarching theme of my blog , was basically that those people were cunts and bitches and fucking idiots. How on earth anyone could possibly be confused about that, is lost on me.

I personally don’t have any fear of anyone saying things they already say to me, or treating me worse than they already do.

If you’re going to give me the fucking stigma then give me the fucking welfare check too.

I think it’s great to be against “fascism,” and I can’t fault anyone for thinking this corrupt garbage system … is, well, a corrupt garbage system.

The problem I have with some of you, is your support for the exact same fucking people responsible for all of this.

Including , and especially , but not limited to “Brandon.”

So much of the groundwork for this nightmare was laid down in the Clinton administration, it’s not even fucking funny.

And when I foam at the fucking mouth as you wave your pom poms for these people, be assured it has nothing to do with my objection to you being free or being yourself or having everything you , and every other human , deserves.

Compassion, shelter, food, safety, equal protection under the law.

I viciously oppose the people and institutions that I do because I consider them an enemy of life, democracy, freedom, humanity, health, human progress , social cohesion, to all of those things, and to all of you.

The fact that you’ve fallen for their promises, well, I have no control over that. You’ve been giving them money and power and promised that utopía for the last 60 fucking years and it is way past time for everyone to wake up.

If I had to guess what happens next, a bunch of people are going to drop dead during the turkey trots and 5k’s in about a week. I can’t think of anything I would be more delighted to be wrong about.

I am so past left and right and red and blue. Fuck every last fucking one of them.