Here’s how scotchguard and teflon (and other similar substances, there are apparently at least 7 different manufacturers) work.

C8, aka Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA):

As a chain of 8 carbon atoms, under most circumstances this is the maximum number of atoms that can bind to it. That is why it repelled literally almost everything. Nothing else can bind to the chain of atoms for the most part.

Do you know what a ritter reduction does?

You break one molecule off of pseudoephedrine it’s a Tina Turner concert.

So let’s say you have some chain of atoms in your body and something induces one or more of its carbon atoms to break off, it’s no longer a stable chain of atoms anymore. You now have one or more carbon atoms that have broken free and are possibly roaming around in your body as what we call a “free radical” looking for something else to bind to.

Let’s say you take a tablet of sudafed. It works as expected, just a decongestant with no psychoactive effects right?

I have no reason to believe that this a thing, but pretend for the sake of a discussion that for some reason, another chemical in your body, whatever the case your body successfully broke that molecule off all on its own. You would then be metabolizing it as methamphetamine.

Why would I say that?

I will continue: This is exactly what happens with “drug analogs” for example GBL and 1,4,butenediol , which are not inherently GHB, but become GHB and have the same effects of GHB when they are metabolized by your body.

Moving along: I think this one possible explanation for why you may be exposed to a toxic chemical , and be totally fine.

Or maybe under less favorable circumstances to that chemical’s electron bond, you break off an atom or metabolize it just so and that stray atom / electron now becomes a free radical roaming around your body looking for something else to attach to.

You can take something like NAC or zantac, which circulates and tells free radicals like that “hey! attach to me!” and that is one way to eliminate them.

I believe zantac, as commonly prescribed, is too large of a dose and proliferates free radicals rather than necessarily eliminating them.

So they say it “causes cancer.”

Option two is to figure out a way to break it into smaller chains of atoms by means of chemistry, and then a way to eliminate those.

What is a virus?

Viruses were first identifiable with a microscope in 1901, as mystery particles or “organisms” that failed to be filtered out by Pasteur’s porcelain filter.

What if there was no such thing as a “virus, ” and Pasteur’s porcelain filter caused an electron from some other bonded group, to be broken off from its parent. Maybe it just ever so slightly preferred porcelain over whatever it was previously bonded to. Perhaps the resulting filtered substance , lost its integrity or became something slightly different without this missing piece.

“Viruses” are electrons that are not part of a stable bond or atomic group, that are looking for something to bind to.

You need to know this: You do NOT need to induce your body to have an immune response to telomerase. IT ALREADY DOES.

We know that when you consume these electrons, your body develops an immune response to telomerase within 4-6 hours. We call it a virus, we call it a cold, we call it a syndrome. We call it “polymere fume fever” instead of oh i dont know, ¨PTFE pyrolisis poisoning.¨

“Scientists say” eggs are bad … red meat is bad .. food item X is bad this time.

Mind you red meat is disgusting but these scientists rarely openly speculate that maybe, it’s not the food, it’s the surfaces you’re cooking your food on.

Telomerase is in fact a critical thing you need to survive. Telomeres, as in “telometry” are how you monitor cell reproduction and make sure your chromosomes are written to every cell. Without it, copied cells are incomplete.

Unstable groups of free electrons dont have anything to bond to unless you ingest some drug or chemical that they like, and either one or two pieces of that group then decide to either break off and bond to it instead –or , they all bind together and make one huge chain of carbon atoms.

For example, in the case of antioxidants like NAC or superfoods, they bind to that and are excreted. You know how you are always told to “take lots of vitamin C when you are sick” ?

Let’s say you’ve ingested some kind of “forever chemical” that your body cannot excrete though. And one of these free radicals decides it wants to attach to that.

Well, you cannot metabolize or excrete it so –

You will have to figure out how to break that bond or reduce it into something you can eliminate.

Enter graphine oxide.

I am examining a proposal from China, that suggests using graphine oxide to bind to telomerase and develop an immune response to telomerase.

I disagree with this approach because 1) you already have an immune response to telomerase, that is what aids or a cold or covid even are, symptom wise. You are not dealing with a so called “virus” as in the past, you are dealing with telomerase.

And 2) You can’t survive without telomerase. Inhibiting or destroying it or making your body fight against it, will result in cell dysregulation (incomplete chromosomes in every new type of cell in your body, which will catch up with you as your old, complete cells finally die) and or ultimately host death.

Additionally, while they seem to have a good idea, they have a misunderstanding of what the target is, and graphine oxide is a bad choice because it is a 2 carbon atom configuration that will attract ALL TYPES of electrons to prefer it instead of the other cells that they are presently bonded to. Like red blood cells for example, they will be like “woohoo, fuck that red blood cell, I want to attach to this instead.”

It works in a test tube but mark my words, it is too promiscuous.

It’s a couple, looking for a triad on Grindr. (atom 4 atom?) And all your cells will ring their bell.

It will be in your system talking to all the other cells, like “don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?”

And they will throw their previous pair bond in the garbage like last year’s iphones.

Just like all but one of my ex boyfriends in the last 16 years did to me.

China has a good idea, but they would need to identify a MUCH MORE SPECIFIC electron that is selective enough, to attract ONLY the unwanted electron (free radical) and not cause electrons from OTHER STABLE bonds to break free and be attracted to it too.

Carbon… is a building block at the center of the atom groups …..

You cannot use carbon for this.

You must find an electron that the unwanted electron binds to. Preferably so that you can make it into a group of three, at which point, alternate telomere lengthening can kick in and incorporate it and move on.

You need to stop thinking of living, wiggling “viruses” and think instead of electrons and electron groups that pair bond and only have eyes for each other.

Now here’s a weird idea for water treatment. This information is in the public domain and cannot be reproduced for commercial purposes:

Suppose you have an isolated reservoir used only for drinking water, I have two questions: 1) will adding graphene oxide to the water break up these so called forever chemicals , into , lets call them, not-forever chemicals?

And 2) will the idea of energizing the pipe cause that shit to stick to the magnet and pass , if not pure water, then at least water that we can handle making potable?

Will graphene oxide work similar to rust? superior to rust? in combination with rust?

And as before, set up a timer to divert the water flow, de energize the magnet, flush the supply pipe, re-energize and then switch the valve back?

Can you do this in 3 or 4 stages and snatch away enough electrons , to maybe even consider something like this as a means of disposing of the offending products?

On the off chance you are interested in this and know a hell of a lot more than i do:

If C8 scares you, what are C9 and C10?

What’s the real reason there’s a panic to ban diesel fuel and/or gasoline powered vehicles within 9 years?

Anything so bad, that some people would… do some things?

And finally, if it is an insult to your body to re-inhale the hydrogen peroxide its gassing off from destroying stuff it doesnt like –

How about , all the work you do to exhale carbon dioxide, and then after all that you go chug 60 ounces of the shit from a soda fountain?

They said “be less white,” but I don’t know if turning blue is any better.

You don’t drink your piss, right?

I’m just rambling now. Whatever the case, I will say I’ve lost 23 pounds since I completely cut soda/HCFS out this year. I still indulge in an occasional “import coke” “kosher coke” made of real sugar if I can find the shit down here. HCFS is everywhere , even in Mexico now.

Have you ever seen Idiocracy, and laughed at how stupid anyone would have to be to think that plants crave electrolyes.. and then gulped a gatorade?

All these studies im reading, in one of them, they gave a mouse a single dose of alcohol and it had necrosis in part of its liver just from one dose.

Damn it, I still enjoyed my occasional Tecate but haven’t since I met tow daddy and knowing that I dont think I will again.

Your body, I swear, must look at you like you’d just rejected a mouse your kitty caught for you.

Edit : Having said all of this, let’s say there is a claim that SSRI or antidepressant X “helps with _______.” I don’t even remember the drug name and can’t comment on that. But in case you are wondering “how the FUCK would that even be possible?” ; see above.

It breaks something free from something that is currently harmful.

Or it attaches to something harmful and creates an inert/less harmful grouping.

If that is true then the reverse is plausible, ie the molecules in these drugs could theoretically be implicated in… doing the exact opposite.

I’ve told you more than once that “psychiatrists are war criminals.”

“How could zantac scavenge free radicals like you say?”

See above.

“You’re crazy. Take your meds sweaty!!!!!!”

I did, sweaty. But my meds only work if YOU take YOURS.