Let’s say these drugs we’re taking, whether our dealer is named Walgreens or Pookie, actually do perform preferential bonds that make the job of telomerase 100 times easier. It can find and assemble things it needs or is looking for, even faster or with fewer molecules.

Perhaps this is adaptive, in response to things you have been “inoculated” against, or are no longer available in the poisoned, nutrient deprived garbage we call food.

Your body goes, whee, this is easy! Now I can burn/metabolize all this fat!

“I have so much energy!”

“I feel good!”

And then you withdraw that substance — legal, illegal, or an over the counter cold remedy — and your telomerase is searching endlessly for that substance it has been trained , to use as a shortcut, to create copies of chromosomes to insert into your cells.

And what are the symptoms of telomerase activity?

That’s right, “cold” and “flu” and “aids” and “covid” and “polymere fume fever” aka PTFE pyrolisis poisoning.

And you know, the people responsible for contaminating our planet are desperate for justifications for why the byproducts of their industry are actually beneficial.

Get this.

Maybe some of these chemicals actually ARE creating shortcuts for telomerase with unexpected results that I decline to speculate are harmful or beneficial.

You can take whatever I posted with a grain of salt, challenge it in whole or part, modify it and insert your own findings or understanding , improve upon it, or if some light bulb goes off over your head over anything I said – take it, it’s yours.

But this one right here, is my idea.

And you can have it, too.

I … literally .. drive myself crazy with some of the questions I come up with.

For example, “what is the difference between a kaleidoscope and a telescope?”

I eventually came up with “a telescope shows you reality from a distance, and a kaleidoscope shows you a distance from reality.”

That was my first and “final” answer, but now I have arrived at:

“Characterize a microscope, an electron microscope, and a PCR test.”

Well, one is a microscope.. the other two are kaleidoscopes.

And I could just about scream right now.

What is the Large Hadron Collider?

A collide – o – scope, WOMP WOMP.

“What is the difference between a bumper car and a bumper sticker?”

It took me 13 years to answer this: A “bumper car” is a genetic sequence, and they can appear anywhere, as if parallel parked, in a line of cars. A Telomere end cap is the “bumper sticker” , it is like the sealed part on the end of a shoelace. “HIV” and cancer and a number of other aberations, if you are lucky, are essentially harmless, and non infectious when it is a “bumper car,” but due to timing/folding errors, if it ends up in the bumper sticker, it is a problem.

You do not want those “sealed” into the bumper sticker. But they can break free of that under weird circumstances due to scavenging, substitution, or timing errors.

Or , notably, “inducing your g2 cell cycle to restart” which they currently do by absolutely destroying your immune system with chemotherapy; and you may also be able to apparently do with ivermectin. I warn you that I am not persuaded that daily ivermectin, for a long period of time, which effectively pauses the cell cycle , is a good thing any more than taking chemo every day for the rest of your life is. Whether that means two days a week, I am not qualified to give dosing advice.

The problem with geneticists playing god, is that they cry “EUREKA! This sequence MUST spell ABC12344” in the same location on the BUMPER STICKER.

They don’t know, from their “pcr test” whether they are looking at the bumper car or the bumper sticker. Something harmless in the bumper car, may be malignant or fatal or cancerous in the bumper sticker. And the system god already gave you for this, is smart enough to say “well I cant make ABC, but AAA is compatible, so AAA it is.” And these black and white all or nothing thinkers try to short circuit the adaptive systems god gave you, to insist that it is ABC or nothing.

And when they say “these patients all have the same 9 genes” or “they all have a sequence of exactly 27” (*) is that true, or is it three groups of three or 9 groups of 3? Are there immunodeficient patients who otherwise meet the criteria of being “aidsy” where somewhere in this pattern of 999 AAA is ACA , or they only pattern match 18 of the aforementioned 27 (*) – but the sequence is otherwise identical, and what does that mean?

(*) 27 is arbitrary for the sake of discussion, no other reason than divisible by 3.

There is no explanation under the hiv/aids hypothesis for why “hiv negative” people have the same genetic sequences attributable to hiv/aids, on a PCR test.

I had said four years but just now it came back to me clear as day that I was in my attic in my house in Milwaukee when that question popped into my head. And I had just woken up from a beautiful dream about an old friend, Arnold, who had passed away, and I wish… I wish … I wish I could remember what he said. He wanted me to tell his wife Jeannie something. Maybe someday.. maybe someday I will remember.

These are the same black and white thinkers who say “CONSUME MY PRODUCT OR DIE.” and “BURN THEM FOR THE HERESY OF CHALLENGING ME.”

Blind obedience to authority is a feature of religion, NOT SCIENCE.

I deleted a few posts where I stated a number of things as fact. For example this started with a theory that “prions” were protiens looking for electrons or other protiens that you had been inoculated against (by say, the hep B vaccine) and had an immune reaction against. I believe elsewhere in this blog I still state, as though as a fact, that “aids was given to promiscuous volunteers in hepatitis b vaccines in 1978.” So if you are fact checking me, and I make apparently contradictory claims or irritate you with things I assert as though a fact, please focus on posts made in November 21, after my statement along the lines of “this next series of posts will be the one that really piss some people off.”

Other than some glaring items I had to remove, such as proposing using extremely strong opposite polarity magnets as a treatment / antiddote to repel telomerase – yes, telomerase is magnetic, polarized, and opposites attract – I left everything before that “as is” so you could understand where my thinking WAS, and where it WENT, to demonstrate how my mind changed.

Maybe about two years ago I was stuck on ¨building blocks have ABCs, just like in the nurseries” and hilarity ensued.

*gasp* telomeres are building blocks

And immunodeficiency is like when I go to Target and want to rearrange the Christmas stockings to spell ” F J B ” for the thirtieth time this week, but the staff are pissed off and put all the letter “F ” ‘s back in the stock room!!!!

And alternate telomere lengthening is when I pout and spell out “L G B ” instead and sulk away.

or, TTTGGG or whatever the hell it is, I presume that scientists or doctors or CNN’s limitless panels of experts know what I mean.

A word of caution about being the restocking crew who fumes “NO! This sequence of stockings MUST SPELL A B C D E F G -“

Because telomeres are a scavenging and/or substitution * process.

Your innate and adaptive encoding mechanisms are more brilliant than anything else that has been brought to the table by men.

  • Commonly explained as a “mutation”

I say “men” because it is the research and work of women — one of whose work of 40 +years — inspired me.

I moved my blog several times and have most of this stuff , including some hellacious shit about ancestral memory and why cats freak out when they see a cucumber in various XML files that neither blogger nor wordpress will import, and yeah I could write something in bash to parse the array but so much of it is garbage

And here we are now.