Eggs were always bad for you.

Eggs were always good for you.

What are you talking about, science says eggs are-

I will save you some time, theyre good for you, unless they’re not.

AL 721 was something Larry Kramer, Nathan Kolodner, and Dr Barry Gingell triied to persuade Fauci to look into for AIDS/HIV.

It is made from nothing more than egg protiens.

Are “eggs bad for you,” or are “eggs cooked on scratched or leaky teflon” bad for you – or are the fumes from PTFE pyrolysis bad for you?

That stuff sure seems to kill birds and pets within four hours.

Throw that supermarket tabloid rag in the trash.

Look at what your telomeres are trying to assemble, vs what is in your assembled cells.

Build a nutrition, supplementation, and/or electron analogue dietary plan off of what YOUR body actually needs to create its cells.

You need a balanced diet because you have to create .. well, every type of cell in your body, and every cell needs a copy of your chromosomes. So “eggs are bad! ” and I am missing a protien. Or “I’m going to only eat protien! protien good!” “Salon said grapes are good, so all I eat are grapes!” well no, telomeres are building blocks, and they’re waiting for a letter they need to assemble your cells. They need a variety of things in order to do their job.

Hint: They are not a diet consisting of HCFS, fructose, white flour and sugar.

Alright, so people say fasting has benefits. Or to fast for labs.

If you are fasting, or not eating because you are gravely ill, or are otherwise nutrient deprived or dehydrated ; telomeres do not have what they need to assemble cells. So you will have unassembled telomerase aka viral load. This may, result in a temporary halt in cell division and therefore low cd4 or other types of cell counts.

People make claims that fasting has benefits and if its true that it causes a halt/checkpoint in the cell cycle stage then I do not see why it is any different for someone to claim that this has benefits any more than to say the same for chemotherapy or an N1 nuclear import inhibitor like ivermectin.

They’re magnetic. Look it up. “magnetic immuno polymerase chain” hello, fucking magnets how do they work.

Anecdotally… take this as you will from someone who didn’t have a lot of use for eating or sleeping in my youth … it seems as if urine that is too dark or too pale and lifeless signifies different things, and when it is bubbly (not like a whipping cream that doesn’t flush, I read that this is a ‘go see your doctor right now’ sign) that is when my metabolism is in gear ; antioxidants are doing their deal and I burn visceral fat.

The planet , and everyone and everything that inhabits it is in great danger. If you have even the faintest idea what the hell I just said, please continue reading.

If you don’t – I tried my best to provide my homework.