If you really think the United States will ever give you free shit, wake up.

You won’t get a single response offering them something.

Here it is:

“Telomerase” is relatively new, discovered and characterized in 1984.

It roams around your body looking for missing electrons.

Because it wants to write something to your chromosomes.

And it is incomplete.

This is the so-called “VPR1” virus , the so called checkpoint.

It is paused because it wants a complete copy of your chromosomes to write to your cells.

it rushes to the injection site in some people, because that might not be precisely what the telomerase chain is looking for, but it is SOMETHING attractive enough that the telomerase chain just can’t help binding to. I don’t know the ingredients of these vaccines, they’re a secret I guess, so I am not trying to sound like one of these crazy conspiracy theorists who keep alleging that the vaccines allegedly have graphine oxide in them — but I will use graphine oxide as an example of a… lets call it a black hole that all the electrons get sucked into.

So whatever electron or chemical it is, its something that your telomerase chain either wants, or just simply finds irresistable — but binding to it might NOT be a good thing. It will satisfy your checkpoint that the mission was accomplished and it found what it was looking for, and then write that into your cells instead of your chromosomes.

If you are extremely lucky, perhaps the resulting bond IS what your checkpoint process is looking for; or its just some harmless shit you will get rid of.

I propose that rather than eliminating or attacking telomerase, aka your “viral load” , or treating it like a free radical to be destroyed…

You instead supplement it with whatever it is searching for.

I have no proof that magnets actually stick to people’s injection sites.

It’s just a question: “How would that be possible, IF it were true?”

40 years, trillions of dollars, and “omg! what is that! it’s a bird! it’s a plane! it’s an electron! it’s a pathogen! mommy, im scared! your body needs to be primed to destroy that!”

And not enough “well… wait a minute, what isn’t there?”

I tried to e-mail Bill Gates. I have to say these people on the world stage fucking terrify me, but something clicked. I actually do know what it is like to try to improve peoples lives, only to be called a monster and threatened with death and prison constantly. I paused for a long time in the shower when that one hit me.

I have other interests and I can’t promise you I won’t be writing dirty ditties or ranting about someone who looked at me funny at AA tomorrow.