Who honestly thinks they’re going to win the “right to repair” their Apple device or John Deere tractor-

When you don’t even have the “right to repair” yourself in America?

“We’re going to chop off part of your dick and install an ancient trauma in you before you even have your first conscious memory, and then things are only going to get worse from there; but NO you can’t have benzos you drug seeking loser.”

“Oh no, sorry nothing we can do. Run along home and die now.”

I’m just saying… that despite what everyone ever said for my entire life … their society and way of life is having its final descent into madness long before I am.

If you do not have the “right” — and I use that word very sarcastically here — the right to repair your phone or your tractor or your body without obtaining someone’s “permission” or paying a fee then you are a slave to commerce.