So you know how a drip percolator works, right?

The earth kind of works the same way. 

Except, turn it upside down and you’ll have the “brewed coffee” as the atmosphere and the ground coffee as the earth. 

One of the reasons I’m opposed to massive dams , is their effect on the local ecology: I can get people to agree with me that they attract rains, storms, etc to the site of the dam.

The part they’re not generally seeing, is that by diverting moisture from rivers, streams etc and ecologically dependent communities further downstream ; they are denying them precipitation and conditions that would cause them to have rain; had they not had their natural water supply diverted or reduced.

Even something as small as a desert oasis can provide enough moisture for other plants to thrive.

Let alone a river or a stream that has been reduced to a trickle.

The earth needs its rivers and streams to .. percolate .. cleanse itself .. and maintain its PH.

What do you get in the percolator if you leave the heating element (sun) on and take all the water out of it?

A dry hard clump of coffee in the basket, right?

There’s your climate change.

You can’t grow shit in that.

Just thinking out loud here, what if your body is the same way? You already know you absorb nutrients etc in your small intestine, right?

But what about these “resting” cd4 cells in your colon?

Are they “resting,” and just some useless dormant reservoir of infectious disease as some postulate, or are they regrouping and repairing themselves?

Now someone else brought up how a certain “experimental” blockbuster drug the media and president just can’t stop raving about or threatening us with, gave him “hemorrhoids down to his knees” and I guess my take is, better there, than as a pulmonary embolism or lodged in my peripheral blood… ?

But, hmmmm maybe …. That’s the purpose they serve? To be broken down and recycled or whatever “there.”

They shouldn’t be ending up in your lungs as PEs or dead cells. They do. But that’s an even bigger problem.

Your colon might be where the mitochondria in your cd4 cells reassemble. Released cd4 cells are repaired or scavenged or reassembled and then functional ones returned to your peripheral blood.

(edit 1, 2023: confirmed, they’re called Peyer’s Patches)

If that’s happening, my hypothesis is , you have cd4 and or other blood cells backed up elsewhere in your body working on inflammation in your brain or body or lungs or other organs, and this is what they are labeling — my hypothesis is, erroneously — as a “reservoir” and then ; if you weren’t fighting an infection these cells would otherwise circulate right past that area.

Maybe this … traffic jam if you will .. is why some of those cells take four years to make their journey.

Should it be four years? Seroconversion takes a month.

Why are some of them infected and not others?

Because they’re in different stages of assembly and/or repair.

Good news is, those cells can travel through / pass the blood brain barrier. All this attention on how to “kill the cells” or get a drug to pass that barrier and into your brain. What if you instead “water the back lawn” and induce those cells in your brain to trade places and circulate down to also be repaired or reassembled ?

You know what helps mitochondria repair and regroup and reassemble?


Malnutrition/poor nutrition has always been a compounding problem with HIV/AIDS.

And you know , what helps zinc get into the mitochondria of your cells easier?

A number of things;





… you know what prevents those repaired cells from being reinfected ?

Check this out: 

> Some scientists believe that the immune system might be able to heal and repair itself if it’s not fighting off large numbers of HIV viruses. This approach seems more likely now that we know that the thymus keeps working until a person is almost 50 years old.

(edit #2 , 2023: and nobody will tell you that GSH will regrow dead heart cells, enlarge the thymus, and stimulate the production of new naive t-cells…. that NAC will take care of the ROS/peroxides, no, they’re trying to ban that, seriously. what the fuck…)

“They’re” trying to kill us, subjugate us, divide us , conquer us, and enslave us or return us to feudalism with this pandemic.

And certain people have certain claims about “covid” where “scientists” and “experts” scream to censor and burn the heretics and writers and thinkers just like they did to Gallileo and Bruno and others under such MAH AUTHORATAY.

Even after all these aeons of human history, they still grab and chuck their rocks and still kill the messenger.

Stupid primates.

I’m just thinking “okay.. if X or Y .. does what these people hypothesize or make anecdotal CLAIMS that it does, then why would that be possible, and what is it actually doing?”

That’s .. like … literally what my fucking job was.

And if you’re plugging your fingers in your ears right now and screaming to burn the heretics who dared to ask these questions while you step over our bodies for bribes and hush money — then you do not have a scientific mind , or even an intellectually honest or CURIOUS mind , no matter how much money or how many years you have spent on a piece of paper that says otherwise.

Idk, hey Siri, can I boof zinc up my ass? 

Siri says “Ah hell, why the hell not. You already put “everything else but the zinc” up there. “

If that’s the most efficient place to “challenge” (infect) the primates with HIV or HIV like illnesses, could it also be … worthy of consideration … as a site to boof some of the forbidden Clydesdale piss? 

I don’t know. One way to find out.

Update @ 2130 : zinc has a half life of 4.5 to 28 days. Please do not attempt something stupid like doing this more frequently than once a week or month. And yeah I am on one a single digit dose of the horse piss and one of the three things I mentioned that facilitate zinc transport into mitochondria. 

You’re smart, which one of those three can I obtain without a prescription?

Interestingly, the inflammation and tension in my lower spine has let up a few hours later. I guess this idea of mitochondria rearranging themselves is applicable to almost any type of cell , isn’t it? I did go “fuck it, let’s find out,” right?

Update 10/4/2021: this reduction in bodily/musculoskeletal inflammation persists several days later. 

This is unexpected and this is not why I did this.