Certain messenger rna therapies, and vaccines that bind spike proteins to ACE2 have the potential to release a zinc molecule that causes TDP-43 to assume a pathological prion transformation.

It’s problematic to take a couple hundred million people who might otherwise survive a virus due to genetic biodiversity, and give them all a universal binding receptor that is susceptible to a virus.

Humans usually survive plagues and mass casualties because of genetic biodiversity.

I guess good news, if there is any, is that there are some indicators that commercial batches of certain formulations have been found to only contain 50-some percent intact messenger RNA , versus 70-some percent intact messenger RNA in clinical batches. There is a very good chance someone fucked up on handling, transportation, and/or refrigeration and that some people got injected with random lipids and a bunch of defective mRNA.

If your immune system does its job, it should hopefully reject any junk messenger RNA and not perform any reverse transcription. What I’ve never liked about this form of gene therapy is that it was designed to bypass all of that and force you to take up the reverse transcription anyway.

Even if it’s harmful or defective.

HIV is an example of something that gets through, but they’ve done PCR testing at bathhouses and followups, which concluded that people are exposed all the time in these settings but not necessarily “infected.”

This is why PCR testing is not used for HIV diagnosis. Its own inventor, Kary Mullins, said it should not be used for diagnostic purposes. It may indicate exposure, but not infection. Conveniently, he died in late 2019… so he’s not here to raise his usual concerns.

In fact the PCR test may not even be that good at what we’ve always thought it was: https://newsroom.uw.edu/news/new-test-better-detects-reservoir-virus-hiv-patients

Current tests are complicated, expensive, and sometimes give inaccurate readings of viral load, said Hladik. The two existing tests are done through sequencing the viral DNA from patient cells or inducing functional viral outgrowth in vitro from patient cell cultures. Both are time-consuming and expensive and do not lend themselves easily to the testing of new drug candidates to cure HIV. “Our laboratory test is a simpler way to quantify the reservoir of intact viruses” he said.”

You want to “trust science,” maybe you should listen to the guy who invented the fucking thing, or a group of researchers who are trying to improve on PCR because they think it’s … Well, exactly as flawed as its own inventor said that it is?

As I wrote before, 35 previous coronavirus vaccines killed all the test animals and it has come to my attention that four companies already abandoned mRNA technology (Merck, AmpTec, CureVac, I don’t remember the fourth) prior to this.

So here we are at “fuck animal testing, just ship it!”

I was told Sinovac “was less than 50% effective” and offered Sputnik. I am not going to be a guinea pig for mixing experimental injections with no safety studies for “what happens if you use type A for dose 1 and type B for dose 2?”

I’ve said this before , but just doing this and “hoping nothing bad happens,” is not science. It’s “faith,” and you’re the ones proselytizing and forcing that shit on everybody.

You’re … literally even worse than religious types.

The ADE potential has me concerned but not so much as the alternatives. I’m choosing to isolate and mask and watch what happens for the rest of this year.

They figured out that the anthrax scare in 2001 came out of Fort Detrick and then they just kind of swept that whole investigation under the rug. We have bad actors who like to do bad things with germs, and apparently no interest in looking into that any further.

Why would you trust the US government or its “experts” ?

If there’s some other “variant” (remember the whole thing about ADE) that burns through the population and/or has an affinity for TDP-43, I’d suggest bunkering down and sitting it out for 6-12 months. Whatever it is, will burn through the population and hopefully mutate into something you can survive — again, owing more to genetic diversity than anything.

The whole deal about genetic diversity, is why the first couple attempts (HIV, covid-19) didn’t wipe us out completely. And this is also why HIV is a different animal than it was in 1981 when it would turn your lungs to fucking jelly in 9 months.

These people are about as fucking stupid as they are evil at the end of the day, their incompetence endangers humanity but it might also accidentally save humanity.

You still have a good chance but I don’t know if I’d want to be one of the first people out there this year.

I’m not saying I’m an anti-vaxxer here, you can make whatever decision you want based on the information you have available to you — but regardless of which path you took I would probably mask up, keep some distance, and don’t fall for the “white boy summer” trope. That is to say, don’t get excited that it’s “over” and do a bunch of shit you wouldn’t have done in 2020.

Keep your eye on Merck, at least they were cautious enough to say hey this isn’t any good, we’re not bringing this to market. Watch who they buy, watch who they sell, watch who they partner with or disavow. Little history:

Moderna and Merck have been working together to develop mRNA vaccines for cancer since 2017-2018:


Merck abandoned this delivery method and sold all their holdings in Moderna in December 2020:

They bought another mrna-based researcher (AmpTec) in January 2021, and by the end of January they threw all their mRNA based vaccines in the “scrapheap”:


By February, Merck was off of the Moderna train, and partnering with bioNtech. Merck’s role is not to provide a vaccine per se, it’s just to provide lipids for delivery of BNT162b2.


Merck might have decided to scrapheap or postpone their mrna treatment, but it is likely that their lipid production/delivery method was the one viable thing they had going for them, hopefully that addresses some other internal chatter with the EMA about “floating lipids and solids” in the vials that they were kicking around in November 2020. Disclaimer: No verification beyond names, titles, roles checking out in LinkedIn and other public sources of information about their respective agencies: