or this ….

or the class action lawsuits coming out alleging Truvada totally destroys your organs, and not only … inhibits “hiv” replication, but permanently suspends ALL dna replication.. all NRTIs do this .. “hey! prep for everybody, its safe, you guys!”

Which would be fine if , everyone just sued and blamed Gilead, but the United States Department of Health and Human Services sued them and said “noooo, that’s our invention and patent!”


The patent on Truvada (TDF) expired in 2017, and all TAF is , is a LOWER dose of Truvada mixed with some other shit so they can call it a “new formulation” (Genvoya, etc) and milk it for another few years of royalties.

NOW they have an HIV drug that can be taken as an injection once every 6 months as “prep” , has no multi-drug resistance or toxicities, does NOT keep you stuck in G1 cell stage cycle permanently like an NRTI does — and we weren’t going to fucking get it until the patent on Biktarvy expired in 2035 — except that uses TAF , and they might be told — possibly ORDERED – to stop using TAF.

Has your HIV doctor told you about any of this?

Or to just shut up and keep taking your TDF/TAF?

Feeling bad? Oh, that’s just your aids, take your Truvada, Shelby.

Why did an entire airplane full of some of the world’s foremost HIV experts get shot down in 2015? Where the fuck is Celia Farber when you need her?