Somewhere in our ancestral records,

Within ourself and our source,

There is an ancient well of pain and primal fear:

Records of being sacrificed , persecuted, and oppressed by our leaders and by other races and nations and tribes. Of watching other children brutalized, ritualized, raped, or thrown into volcanoes.

This subjugation is recorded somewhere in our souls and our source

And since we share that stuff somehow, it has to come from somewhere that is and yet is not from within ourseleves.

“Where the men can’t go.”

Our diets, our “medicines,” the suggestive stimuli we are bombarded with, to keep us in the darkness , keep us from evolving or enlightening.

When we used to in the past, they killed us before that eye could open or we could access our sixth sense.

Calcifying that was probably done “to protect us” and “for our own good” , the same old lies from our overseers that they’ve told us for all of our history.

And when we rise up , when we catch on to their shit, when we threaten their grasp on or their consolidation of power , they cull the herd and keep the dumb ones.

All the better if they can go hide somewhere while they …. NUKE us …. or give us a “virus” or a “flu” or …

1912, their first war on drugs and their first experiments with disease as the masses were starting to crown and light up then.

Over and over and over again.

They’ll keep the submissive ones who wear the mask.

Who eat the bugs.

Who live in the pod.

Who own nothing and give their gold and their property and their everything to the aristocrats and bolsheviks like they have every other single time they did this?

Are you “happy” ?

So where are the celebrities and tech billionaires whose Twitter accounts are being run by AI  routines to pretend they’re among us right now?

Are they dead?

Are they in the new dimension?

Are they in gitmo?

Hiding on some private fancy island?

Taking a cruise on the titanic like the last time ?

Madonna sings about how “not everyone will get to come to the future” or something like that.

Basically … mocking you.

I know, I know, you’re her number one fan and I am a big old jerk, worst fag ever.

Did she give you a private ticket or a seat on the ship?

Or did she just vanish into the sunset with your money and adoration and leave you here to die?

Welllllllllllllllll, you didn’t want a seat on that ship.

I’d take my chances here if I were you.

Now come back to why they infiltrate, subvert, and relentlessly attack my boring little chatroom for 10-15+ years. Same reason: Supportive environments , some place for your eyeballs that the glowies and the enemies of life and freedom such as your so called HEROES in medicine or your TEACHERS in the American public schools and all of their other apparatuses arms aren’t logging or weaponizing, propagandizing, or intercepting that is no longer overrun with predators and controllers and nicolatians … and these satanic fuckers will do anything to destroy it and anyone behind it and divide them endlessly and drive them all away because the CIA wants to foster a sense of “learned helplessness” in you, or have their poorly trained assets snuff you in an American hospital. You will get it eventually.

No white hats.

No “good guys.”

No “plan.”

Just unmitigated fucking evil in every government and institution on this earth.

You can call me whatever you want, Janis has openly confessed that she is a “witch” who “casts spells on people to ruin their lives” and that she is fucked out of her mind on oxycontin , but that’s what you call “TRUE RECOVERY” and “oh my gosh, true spirituality ommmmmm” yet I am the one you call “crazy,” because that’s exactly what “satanic inversion” , or what some of you call “clown world” is.