TL; DR: Fuck off, I WILL return to my source no matter what you do to yourselves and each other here.   A clone of a 4D entity will result in a 3D entity, a clone of a 3D entity will result in a 2D entity , my creator will not accept a counterfeit copy of me and that is all there is to say about that. If you do not understand this, that’s okay, I wrote this for someone who does understand what I mean by that.

I’ve indulged in some discussion about quantum immortality and/or quantum suicide, but there are some things nature and or spirit can’t overcome, they’re damaging peoples hearts and psyches and souls , health, and body on purpose and it’s not conceptually much different from when I hit that rock on the carretera and blew a hole straight through both sides my engine. Game over, do you follow?

You do not want to be full of metal or graphine oxide when the bomb goes off 2 miles over your head and causes an EMP event, laugh at the madman all you want.

I don’t know what happens to , oh , lets say, things like my stents. But I think I’m going to have some serious problems if I’m right underneath one of those anyway.

Then the LORD said, “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, because he also is flesh; nevertheless his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.”

Gen. 6:3 , I think this is 100% horseshit and an excuse for when they started slowly killing us through medicine plagues etc (you can thank the “nobility” and “royalty” for doing that shit to us for thousands of years), I can give you many examples in the bible of “plagues”, covering your face and announcing yourself as unclean, or the overseers tracking your every step for 3500+ years and then not-so-slowly as of the advent of “allopathic” medicine in the 1920s, culminating in todays nightmare world.

Duality is a lie, I can make this real simple for you without some unitarian or trinitarian headfuck , the plain and simple truth is that “for everything there is, there is something that it isn’t, unless there isn’t.

This challenges, if not breaks, some of your fundamental assumptions about this fucking prison we all inhabit together, you know damn well this isn’t all there is.