The five Cs (confidence, confession, conviction, conversion, and continuance) were the process of life changing undertaken by the life changer.

Confidence: the new person had to have confidence in you and know you would keep his secrets.

Confession: honesty about the real state of a persons life.

Conviction: the seriousness of his sin and the need to be free of it.

Conversion: the process had to be the persons own free will in the decision to surrender to God.

Continuance: you were responsible as a life changer to help the new person become all that God wanted him to be.

Only God could change a person, and the work of the life changer had to be done under God’s direction.

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— excerpt —

Well, God moves in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform. It didn’t look like a wonder to me when Mr. Scott, head of a large engineering firm and Chairman of the Riverside Church, looked at us and said “Gentlemen, up to this point, this has been the work of goodwill only. No plan, no property, no paid people, just one carrying the good news to the next. Isn’t that true? And may it not be that that is where the great power of this society lies?