All these people with their smartphones out who can’t just enjoy the moment.

I’m gonna make fun of them for a second and put mine away.

Paula Abdul is so fucking sweet and cool, she’s literally the only thing I don’t hate about pride this year.

“If you walk in gratitude miracles happen.”

The first thing I ever shoplifted was a cassette tape of Forever Your Girl. 🤗

What’s their signage solution?



Blinky flashy stuff, I always want to know, what is the solution and who is the vendor?”

That’s the difference between me and most people though. They’re wowed by what’s on the screen.

It’s all about the fan experience, what they see and what they hear and what kind of connectivity (cell towers on wheels) or cellular offload (Wi-Fi) you’ve deployed.

That’s not free and neither are porta potties or hoards of EMTs on standby.

People don’t really care about this shit as long as 1,500 of them can all live stream the exact same perspective to their Facebook timelines simultaneously. No doubt that at least a full 1/3 of them are like, yay, abolish private property and capitalism, amirite comrade? Cause all this shit totally happens in a vacuum and Bernie Sanders will foot the tab, yaaasssss. /s

Carriers are often eager to foot these bills so their service doesn’t collapse under unusually high demand in a given area. They have to do shit like this for the Super Bowl too. I don’t know, does it matter? This is costing someone a few million dollars at the end of the day. Even if it’s “you” making your bill payment to AT&T or Verizon.

You didn’t have to take things like that into consideration in 1970 and that’s why pride ain’t free no more.

As some of us talk about trolling “straight pride” and heckling and harassing them I guess that’s it… we’ve finally come full circle from oppressed victim class to liberated oppressor. We can all go home now.