I don’t say “sober.”
I don’t have to chant slogans.
I never need to go back in there.
I can stay home – theirs is no solution.
The only thing that is baffling and cunning
Is that these dumb steppers agree with this shit
I can find the Orange Papers and log on
I can find some detailed info about what they really are.
Accept they are a dangerous cult and make some changes.
I can make some new friends
And not go into that stuffy old church basement with my old ones.
A lot of addicts will go back to meetings, but I don’t have to.
Not if I block my sponsor and call him a jerk.
Take a deep breath…
If I can accept the truth and put away my fantasy about a faith healing treatment for a pseudo disorder
And that virtually no one stays sober through the steps,
One day I might finally be clean.