mmmkay, well the thing is, the internet never forgets.

Here you go: read the same guy admitting that the real reason he closed his website is because his trusted servants were “threatening and harassing people and causing them to go out and use” and that all I ever did was “shut down the network.” (he left out the part where a 13-year-old committed suicid) and this f** gets on his cross and says I’m “endlessly attacking him.”

The whole fucking group, god himself, the whole internet , and the Wayback Machine can read it because he posted it publicly ON HIS FRONT PAGE.

I never used his piece of shit knockoff of my own website and I never will, baby.

If you’re still HIGH enough or DUMB enough to believe Stan Schumacker aka “UnderDawg” then I want you to stay far away from me and never, ever, ever, ever, ever ever ever fucking contact me again.

“Endless attacks,” riiiiight, you guys really are a dumb fucking rock-chucking cult.