One of my favorite gigs was when they built the Vikings new stadium and I was blasting Evidence – Rain or Shine on one of the club levels. IIRC, I was trying to nail down an audio problem or HDMI signal degradation when some kids burst through the door.

I sheepishly turned the audio levels down. Grunts like me weren’t supposed to be seen or heard in some stadiums when the doors were open for spectators, but this was Minnesota after all: They all but tackle hug you at the door up there.

One of the kids grinned and thumbed up and told me to turn it back up. I was happy to oblige:

It’s funny how strength comes in different forms
Some embrace they faith, others weather storms
Others tell themself that the pain moves on
I saw the clouds move in and when it did, they poured
I push away the pain, it’s the sun and the rain 
Rain or shine, I got my umbrella

I just thought it was neat to stand on the 50 yard line with all my clothes on!