I know every single one of your eyelashes.

I missed you. and now you want to say hello to me?

I wrote it off a long time ago man.

I’m out in the Arizona desert kicking rocks and grumbling at life.

I looked up and there was a little shrine out here.

I took a few minutes to sit down and write about it. 

I picked up some garbage. 

I straightened up the flowers.

I repositioned a broken saints head.

I left it just a little bit better then I found it.

At least I stopped thinking about this anymore.

I have come to the desert to laugh at your love 
He venido al desierto pa’reirme de tu amor 

That the desert is more tender and the thorn kisses better
Que el desierto es mas tierno y la espina besa mejor

I have come to this center out of nowhere to scream 
He venido a este centro de la nada pa’gritar 

That you never resist me what I wanted to give so much
Que tu nunca me resiste lo que tanto quise dar

I have come running, forgetting about you 
He venido yo corriendo, olvidandome de ti 

Give me a little bird kiss, notice hummingbird scares
Dame un beso pajarillo, note asustes colibri

I have come on fire to the desert to burn 
He venido encendida al desierto pa quemar 

Because the soul catches fire when it stops loving
Porque el alma prende fuego cuando deja de amar

El Desierto – Canción de Lhasa de Sela