And this one time, in band camp, a SWAT team raided my house.

I came to learn of an exchange on the air between Madison radio hosts Zak Rogers and Vicki McKenna:

“You know who that is, right?”


“That’s the guy who came in here and set up our webcam in the studio.”

“That guy?!?!”

She said I was sweet or something to that effect.

They were a little somber after that.

I had been dating one of the country DJs briefly and he wasn’t especially impressed.

It was front page news but all traces of it quietly vanished.

The outlets reporting on it were all Lee Enterprises assets and I used to work as a contractor for them, I even made house calls to the editor of the Capital Times.

I was known to some news/radio/media people into town who didn’t immediately make the connection that I was “that guy.”

But when they did the whole story went down the memory hole. I don’t know if it was a favor or if they just would have found it embarrassing for someone to point out that I was one of theirs.

I did a bunch of ecstasy with one of their managers and fucked him so who knows who was pulling for me. I didn’t get charged and everything related to this was scrubbed off of the internet.

I love how my last evaluator scowled and wrote “raid” in BIG PRINT and “ “ air quotes “ “ like she thinks I’m a total fucking nutter and making that up.

She didn’t believe a word I said.