Nacuntie called it.
All we did was cuddle.
I don’t have a problem with that. I like to cuddle.
He made sure to let me know that he’d only be into sex with me. 
No strings though, he informed me that he’s “quite a catch” and can do better than me.

I laid there in bed calmly painting a mental canvas.

He’s two days sober. Ain’t working right now because he’s in treatment.He left his last boyfriend to go shack up with someone he ran off to use with.
Who then overdosed and died.

So that’s like zero for two for the last two boyfriends you were such an awesome catch for.

I might actually be the one you can’t kill or break, dude. 

Anyway I’ll sit here and calmly take this story you have to tell and I’ll hold it in my hands with you.

We could have just left it at that with our clothes on.

I didn’t bring up sex. I didn’t bring up dating. I didn’t go there with any of this.

Under almost any other circumstance I’d grind my teeth a little, politely thank you for your hospitality, and catch an Uber home. This time I didn’t.

He was all anxious and freaked out and he said that me being there was helping him.

He snuggled up against me and started snoring.