Lul @ the women at Thanksgiving dinner anxiously eyeing the two gay guys at dinner for signs of us planning to open a joint Pier One Credit Card together later this afternoon. 
Mom was cornering me like, “Well?” 
“Well, what?”
I identify as a Bear in the gay community
Specifically, a Panda Bear:
If you introduce me to a potential mate we won’t get along and then we’ll refuse to mate in captivity!
Finally: “I like chubby guys now, mom. It’s harder for them to run away!”

Naturally, she took me seriously … they always take me seriously … even at +/- 40 … and I’m sure she went back and repeated what I said verbatim and I never heard from or about the guy again *forehead slap* it’s like , you do not know me at all, but in all fairness … why would any of them?

Sister was in foster care, pregnant and on the streets at 15.

I was in the orphanages and reformatories doing my best to get pregnant! And out of there at 16. We really don’t really know each other, its a shame no one’s tried. I don’t mean to hurt anyone but I have freed myself from always being the one who calls and reaches out or tries to track my sister down in some flophouse or jail or god knows what to say happy birthday anymore.

I would have loved to have been a brother or a father (1 daughter) or a son or an uncle, but everyone buried me long before I was dead.