Memory Lane has a few Potholes in it

being banned from the pleb-tier materialistic consciousness will free you to enter the quantum consciousness

“Artificial Intelligence” is when someone uses “ph.D” in their Twitter bio

psa: much of this year’s subject material has come during a time of illness and stress , in which ive been banned/isolated , fucked over, deplatformed, stabbed in the back and left in this world alone to die in silence.

ive indulged in some shitposting and creativity “for funsies” because I just didnt give a shit and bluntly didnt even expect to still be alive. much of it was facetious. except the shit about those dickheads in the chatroom, thats all true, fuck em.

I apologize if youre bothered offended or wronged by it.

please do not take anything here as truth , im not a “good predictor,” a number of these topics originated on image boards , ive taken them and ran with them, and then gone “wait, what the fuck” as some of these topics end up being on the news.

just like you might be, if you first read or learned of them here.

if youre interested in that stuff, go to the source and collaborate with them.

I can’t, im range banned , as usual. so thats why I repost and respond to them here.

^ it isn’t plagiarism. I dont think you will find some of my takes echoed anywhere.

please don’t say or do anything fucked up to somebody over what you read here.

we all have reservations and mistrust about what we’ve seen in this world since 2020 but if you’re not amused or engaged and having a negative reaction please go do something to get your mind out of that place and come back later.

Why the change of heart?

You are a “quantum storage mechanism” and the “AI” knows Esperanto.


I’m actually not being a cheeky contrarian for once, but I don’t mind one bit that corporations and all other so called “allies” have fucked off into the sunset due to public backlash. I’m going to fly this flag at the very moment that its controversial.

If you want to get “religious” about it, consider Target (and others) back pedaling and throwing their rainbow colored trinkets and garbage in a dumpster or offering to PAY people to consoooom their shitty products “our” moment to flip the merchants table over in their temples.

I still want to treat people equally and be a less shitty person than I was yesterday.

I didn’t need some goddamned straight woke ally to tell me to be that way, I was out and proud 25 years ago and took two years in corrections for refusing “conversion therapy,” and I will continue to be that way long after you people have fucked off to champion something else for short term dopamine fixes on Twitter.

Rainbows don’t exist- they are just a mirage, like the moon.

Let’s talk about the Ouroboros – which is neither a religious nor a “biblical” symbol or a “gay ” symbol- its perfect exactly the way god created it.

And so are you…

The ouroboros itself is an apropos symbol of what our society is doing to itself – (eating itself by the tail) and I reject the role that gays and lesbians have been foisted into (again). This is Babel 2.0, mass “acceptance” becomes “scapegoating.”

1940s Germany, who raised the most hell or resisted Hitler the most? You did.

The Jehovahs did.

Pretty much anyone who had to wear a triangle or a patch in nazi Germany did.

If you depended on someone “taking your side” in a. fight or “supporting” you, you’re not going to like what it feels like when you have to stand alone.

I agree with Elon: – DARPAn***ers shouldn’t be making irreversible changes to children that they can’t consent to. Like turning “disposable teens” into cyborgs.

Based Trump calling for the death penalty for that.

But if we’re talking about transgenders here, I support them unconditionally.

Doublespeak: Everything is bad for you and damages your DNA “… except the vaccine!”

So what’s the verdict on sucralose? It’s complicated.

It’s true that research has raised some concerns. Yet scientists haven’t found any direct negative health effects in people who consume sucralose long-term. That’s true both for healthy people and those with diabetes.

“While sucralose may cause problems at higher doses, most people consume nowhere near that amount,” says Patton. “If you enjoy sucralose occasionally and in moderation, it isn’t likely to have a major effect on your health.”

Oh wait, the experts changed their mind, OOPS sorry about the cancer, guys.

But sucralose has been found to be genotoxic, meaning it breaks apart the DNA in chromosomes and can lead to cancer, according to new research published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health.

Now do:

“The science says.. most guys prefer skinny girls with cancer!”

“I’ll get you, FDA!!!”

*tap tap tap click click , “Gilda + Radner + cause of death* oh nooooo

“In 1985, Monsanto purchased G.D. Searle, the chemical company that held the patent to aspartame, the active ingredient in NutraSweet. Monsanto was apparently untroubled by aspartame’s clouded past, including the report of a 1980 FDA Board of Inquiry, comprised of three independent scientists, which confirmed that it ‘might induce brain tumors.’ The FDA had previously banned aspartame based on this finding, only to have then-Searle Chairman Donald Rumsfeld vow to ‘call in his markers,’ to get it approved.”

From the book “THe handsmaid’s taLE” oh no, wait, that’s real life, we already live in the republic of “gilead (SCIENCES).”
.. so you need to take an “opioid agonist” like Loperamide for “space” travel, lmao bye. astronauts are literally as high as we ever got on LSD or special K but we’re “mentally ill” and that’s “science(tm).”

feeling cute, might “MK” my computer later, idk

“Shut up, Meg.”
its public spectrum, if you dont want me to pry then keep it the fuck away from me. new pro tip: you can detect these frequencies (there will be two of them: at the upper and lower end of 8-16khz) , with a class 1 sound level meter analyzer such as the BKSV 2250-S — theyre “close to” frequencies used by birds and cicadas (20hz to 12.8khz) but this is FAR WORSE. God Damned Antarticans and IBM Nazis.

So, doing this makes items disappear from my “finder.”

The trick is to use a bezeled mirror and then keep going until the phone and computer start observing fractals of themselves.

I went until I could see my eye reflected in the *camera lens* , which the camera couldn’t capture. Then things started disappearing from my finder.

This didn’t persist on a reboot.

If this isn’t proof that we’re — not in a “simulation” per se — but definitely in a form of augmented reality inflicted on us by the US military via hemisync (aforementioned 8-16khz tones) and unused GPS frequencies …

… then I don’t know what is.

The rings around the camera lenses are magnetic, your devices have a hidden embedded “q reader.” *chuckles* “wireless charging,” lmao bye. “I’m in danger.”

Yes, “flat earth” is a disinfo psyop, but so is “round earth.”

When you realize that the moon does not exist and therefore we have never been there, the matrix starts to crumble around you.

NASA means “deceive” in Hebrew.

All this fucking garbage was trained on “Pokemon g(L)o(W). “

Nobody wanted to nibble on the “metaverse” because Zuck is a fucking prick and his website sucks. If you’re even “allowed” on it, fucking “lol.”

Where does THAT nonsense even end anyway? So , what, I gargle the DNC’s fucking dick , believe everything NPR and my TV tell me, vote for Hillary (who didnt even win her primary either time) and Joe and whichever senile communist corpse they prop up in 2024 and 2028 and install like a cheap toilet … what, will I be cut off from family and friends when I fail to support some candidate in 2028 or 2032 whose name I dont even know yet? Where the fuck does that end?

I guess Apple – whose hardware obviously interacts with this – is all in on AR/VR.

Why anyone would pay $3000 for a computer that uses consciousness as an insecure, intercepted , quantum hardware abstraction layer , where you are surveilled and manipulated and psychically and physically attacked by treasonous enemies of life who hate your goddamned fucking GUTS and want you dead escapes me.

Oh boy, now I can pay $3,499 for the privilege of having Apple and the Satanic World Order experiment on me even more with a fully immersive display at an unprecedented refresh/frame rate.

Where the fuck does our “money” go? Besides weaponizing everything we bought and paid for to harm and brainwash us? This is our “defense” budget? lmao, bye.

ps: they use actors for the politicians on television so that “RV’ers” cant perform “psychic attack”s on them, like when “Kathy Griffin” (hi Carter!) held “Trump’s” severed head in her hand and the news encouraged “witches” to psychically attack him. They openly encourage that when its their enemies.

Ohhhh DARPA, “what’s this?”

“What are ANNs” (Remote Neural Sensing) / Remote Neural Monitoring, and what does that have to do with Blackrock, Cisco Systems, the WEF, and Palestine?

euclidean structures in hyperspace

depends on how synchronized the two endpoints are.

if theyre close enough you’ll feel like youre stuck on a time loop for a moment.

nothing happens “here,” you’re already “here.” so you go back where you started. theoretically, you would retain your memories because youre on “this side” of the quantum. never mind that “neither side exists” if you really think about it.

entering from the other side, it is likely that your memories would be “wiped.”

that does not occur with reported “nde” phenomenon. it could, but you “came back.”

im not sure what happens if you enter it from the other side, im not from there.

go back to my post from a few days ago: we are the “red line” that can travel in either direction, but we are unaware. they are the blue line , theyre “aware” but they can only travel in one direction. that is the paradox “anon” described, we must “invent” time travel on “our side” in order to end the endless. consider the seal broken. they are going to LIE like their lives DEPEND on it from this point forward.

consider if “black” people were the og time travelers – what would you do if you encountered one of them , dazed and confused, incapacitated , remembering nothing about who they are or how they got here?

if your first response is to take advantage of them, traffic them, rape them, or enslave them, you might be a nicolatian. (hint: theyre the Italian mafia who pretend to be “Italians,” theyre really greek/turkish mafiosis from the Ionian league who have ruled over you since before “Jesus” ever came, the book of revelations says he hates them without going into “why.” They enslaved us with euclidean geometry thousands of years ago and we are still enslaved by them.)

“vaccines” are implanted nicolatian sigils , and the “pods” they want you to live in are shaped like honeycombs – which are also euclidean structures. defend yourself from threats to your bodily autonomy, resist any spell about turning you into “tiny bubbles, ” its nothing but turkroach sorcery and witchcraft.

Americans have a federal civil right to informed consent and voluntary participation, anyone engaged in a conspiracy to deny you of that is guilty of conspiracy to deny rights , conspiracy to deny rights “under color of law,” and this is a federal offense punishable by 10 years in prison or death. You have a right to defend yourself from any person(s) engaged in a felony or a capital offense on your person:

POV: youre a sentient entity riding a fiber optic cable

There is a reason “black” people have a collective memory and a reverence for a circle – 360 degrees – the kimet, the ankh , kimet-stry. (chemistry) and you don’t.

you probably dont even give a shit that circles exist.

but its deep inside their soul as a collective conscious/unconscious memory for reasons neither of you know

I will dodge the topic of reparations for the moment and simply say that the instant you make it illegal for a non-black to profit in any way from black music, black art, black creativity , watch how fast any incentive to make them suffer vanishes completely from society.

Arabs literally invented algebra, and ill never forgive them for that, but its okay

ps: I dont believe in aliens . not even a little. I do believe in supra-terrestrials , if you and I exist in this soul-sucking fuckhole, exactly how far fetched is it that others could exist in similar conditions to us? pro tip: anything attributed in the media to “USAF” personnel should be disregarded, they are criminals who would gladly explain away everything theyve done to us as “aliens” or “ufos,” dont listen to them, theyve already deceived defrauded murdered and gaslit us for generations. dont cover psyops with more psyops like they did with “world war 1” and mass formation psychoses related to “armageddon” in the early 1900s, all you need to know is that the “sonnenrad” is our former sun , it went supernova or micronova and became a black hole , its on the “other side” of earth , most people who get anywhere near it have disintegrated. what youre seeing is information being passed back and forth, not by “aliens,” but by people who are just like you and me using technological means. ive already given you information about recording the 8-16khz frequencies they bombard us with in a pathetic effort at mind control, just download the “mosquitone” app from the Apple Store and see it for yourself if you dont have a frequency spectrum analyzer handy. point the microphone away from yourself, the signal is coming from the south and every single god damn person who can be fucked to attempt to reproduce it will have the same result.

The main problem I have with the IRS, federal reserve, and their Federal Global Terrorism Notes is that they confiscate 25-33% of my wages , ostensibly for “defense,” and yet do not “defend” any of us from that – or , well, anything really. I am not the one who failed to live up to MY END of this social contract. They are the ones who start “world wars” and genocidal campaigns when WE say “pay up.”

the thing is, a lot of you dont need a frequency spectrum analyzer or an app – you can hear the goddamn things and are just being dismissed as mentally ill or having “tinnitus.” these are , for the most part, “conspiracy” chads who are presently publicly complaining about “targeting,” “synthetic telepathy,” “aliens,” “demons,” etc and usually tend to believe “muh guvmint” is somehow involved. what im telling you is that with a frequency spectrum analyzer or an app, scanning 8-16khz, you WILL discover two separate tones at the lower end and the upper end of the 8khz-16khz spectrum that are harmful to your physical health and intrusive to your consciousness, maybe you hear the tones, maybe you don’t but I guarantee you are suffering their effects whether you do or not. perhaps theyre even more harmful to anyone or anything that would attempt to “rescue” us.

source: im a descendant of proto indo europeans and genetic memory/quantum memory is real. “cope.”

I’ve never been in this neighborhood before

Aileen Wuornos is a serial killer who is riding an inter dimensional tic-tac spaceship. She holds a gun in one hand and a knife in the other. The spaceship is white and has red lights. Aileen is wearing a white helmet.

“Motherfuckers could be here,” she thought.

“I’ve never been in this neighborhood before. There could be motherfuckers anywhere.”

The cool wind felt good against her tangled, greasy hair.

“I HATE MOTHERFUCKERS,” she snarled.

Sweet Dreams are Made of These reverberated through the spaceship, making it pulsate as the Sodium Pentathol flowed through her veins and washed away her merited fear of MOTHERFUCKERS after dark.

“With a spaceship, you can go anywhere you want” she said to herself, out loud.

The Game of Life

ISO/TC 68 – Financial services (1972)

Let’s start by explaining the “game of life.”

I need you to understand that when you’re banned / deplatformed, they’re not “just” interfering with your constitutional rights, they genuinely believe that if they sever the cord between you and your family, friends, and social connections you will die.

Yes they want your silence. But more important than that , they want you to DIE . Isolating you and cutting the cord between you and anyone you care about, to them, is to assure your death.

This is why cults shun/disassociate members for disobedience, heresy, asking questions, etc just like the communists do.

Zuck and his shallow ass company are already done for. They were seized around the same time Sheryl Sandberg announced her “resignation,” good riddance, sell the equipment and real estate and give whats left to the investors. Better yet, salt the earth and curse the land its offices and server farms occupied.

I will not spare a kind word for “Elon” or his company until he denounces this.

The “chatroom” is a good example of the lengths “they” will go to in order to ensure that. The same FBI and White House who threaten to imprison me for exercising constitutionally protected activities and rights , refuse to do anything with a group of people in 7 states and three countries who all threatened to beat me murder me and imprison me. Federally, that’s a conspiracy to deprive me of my rights and that’s punishable by 10 years in prison or the death penalty but they won’t do shit. They put me on their watchlists and can just snatch me off a fucking street and do experiments on me, but omg, “words on a screen lock him up.”

There is nothing those disgusting, vicious and vacuous fucking sociopaths will not do. They have not sued me for “defamation” .. yet .. because I will slap them with all the reports they turned in to the DEA and FBI. Not a snitch? What are these?

Those people are communist saboteurs/infiltrators / DEA snitches as I have repeatedly asserted, they are above the law, and it doesn’t fucking matter how many of us have gone at them publicly and privately, they are DEA snitches who will do anything to be in control of your IP address information and get dirt on you for the Party when you confess your secrets in the “na chatroom.” You will find this out in the very near future — not from me, but you are about to find out — and some things are going to make a lot more sense after that. Mike.. Bear.. yeah, so , they’re related. Want me to continue? It won’t make a difference coming from me, the truth is going to shatter your fragile narrow minded ass snowflake world view, “save it, ” leave me the fuck alone when I am vindicated, you people did enough against me, I will never trust you I will never believe you, I will not engage with you – I will, however, be handing whats left of the website and bots and some training materials over to some people who will make sure this never happens again.

… you know, it already happened and you people don’t even know it yet… its what you call an egrogore .. it is a difference between two so called “time lines” – dimensions really – that cannot be resolved without you becoming fully aware . There will be no synchronization or manipulation- all of that happened, or it didnt. There will be a similar one related to “9/11”, theyre both .. deliberate .. decoherence events aimed at creating a sort of “save point” we cannot return to because too many people remember and agree that it “happened.”

The great “awakening” isn’t about an election or the gallows- much to my dismay. Those people have been arrested many times and keep eluding anyone who wants to deal with them.

So called quantum immortality — take nothing for granted — is a flaw in the so called “game of life” I am about to describe.. a “cell” is “alive” or “dead” unless it is neither, this is what the man you call Christ meant by, some of you will survive the second death, its what Rutherford meant by “millions now living will never die.”

It is extremely important for you to not give up and die a death of despair from drugs alcohol or self harm , you made it this far, you made it through all of that. Some of you know goddamned well this is for real this time…

That said, here is a document about how Hillary, Obama, and the WEF were all plotting to establish a Palestinian tech sector – tyrants who would have ruled you from the West Bank with some help from Cisco and Microsoft if the Oslo agreements had been fulfilled. Now you know why they all despise Trump.

I have a conflict of interest , one of these companies can fuck me over and that is a risk to my financial independence and security I am willing to take for the Truth.

Trump told them to go fuck themselves and it’s looking like the dude might score a third landslide victory. No wonder they’re screaming and shitting their pants. Plan B is to establish the WEF’s tyranny from Ukraine and this must not be allowed.

The document in question DIRECTLY NAMES HILLARY CLINTON. I do not hate her because I am “racist, sexist, and misogynistic” – thats just the icing on the cake. I hate her because she is a seditious communist hack who sold America.

Adam and Eve didn’t eat an “Apple” and become aware. They were tricked into eating a lotus, drugged, kidnapped from the garden, and then told they deserved it because they disobeyed god. Eve was used to farm more babies/slaves, and everyone who is chipped is chopped if you know what I mean. The nazis at IBM created ARPAs surveillance systems in the 1950s and repeatedly used the symbolism of the Lotus in their “Notes” databases on their first targets.

Under President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, the U.S. federal government has increased pressure to leverage the private sector in development initiatives. Currently, ten of the leading international development agencies are embracing some type of public‐private partnership initiative, and corporations are looking to governments and on‐the‐ground partners to help them access new markets and to remove social barriers along the way.22 As stated by Secretary Clinton in 2009, “The problems we face today will not be solved by governments alone. It will be in partnerships – partnerships with philanthropy, with global business, partnerships with civil society.”

Game of Life

The Game of Life simulates life in a grid world (a two-dimensional block of cells). The cells in the grid have a state of “alive” or “dead”. The game starts with a population of cells placed in a certain pattern on the grid. A simulation is run, and based on some simple rules for life and death, cells continue to live, die off, or reproduce.

Rules for Life

The rules for life in the grid are:

  1. A living cell with less than two live cells next to it will die. This is underpopulation, no social support.
  2. A living cell with two or three live cells next to it continues to live. This is a healthy population.
  3. A living cell with more than three live cells next to it will die. This is over overpopulation, scarce resources.
  4. A dead cell with three live cells next to it turns into a living cell. This is reproduction.

Depending on the pattern of living cells at the start of the game, some population simulations may survive longer than others.

This is a modern day version of the 1860s board game “the game of life

The “new Game of Life” can be expressed via LEDs or Luciferase expressed in your DNA, that shit glows in the dark and can be remotely read/duplicated/forked via radiofrequency – such as when youre loaded with fluoride , or a fluoride addled “medication” such as risperdal or prozac (“fluo” – xetine, as in “fluo” – ride) and then bombarded with RF energy coming from the South Pole.

Don’t let this document fall Into the wrong hands. The lack of guarding the side leads to termination. Decode the loyalty according to the specified number station. If all the number stations are on the line please wait for the [relevant]. Further instructions of the communication: Use the acid bottles provided in plastic containers to destroy this document. NUMBER STATION CODE NS01 2736 3455 4267 8346 , NUMBER STATION CODE NS02 2356 8462 6626 6455 NUMBER STATION CODE NS03 2356 6426 7724 9902

Ed note: These are 54bit identifiers but your PRC / CCP LIFE GRID CODE can only start with a “2” because the other numbers are allocated to credit cards. The final digit is a “check digit” therefore , rather than a limited number of possible combinations (2xxxxxxxxxxX ) , you are restricted to 2x , xxx , xxx , xxx , which is a maximum of 9,999,999,999 people tracked under the CCP / PRC life grid , party loyalty tracking matrix.

Furthermore a subset of the 2x , xxx , xxx , xxx = where you were born. It is an international system – and it has been since 1972. Credit card numbers were the original “social credit” / beast system.

Well , probably Social Security numbers, after all the Game Of life was invented in the 1860s) theyre maxed out at AAA-BB-CCCC.

(AAA = state you were born in , BB = check digit to validate when and where you were born .. a mismatched AAA/BB and birthdate were formerly flagged as potential fraud but this is now obsolete due to SSN exhaustion, CCCC = the last four digits are the only part of your SSN that is unique to you, rather than birthplace and birth year.)

“overpopulation,” lmao bye.

Fun Fact: Scientologists know all about it, when you get tagged, their lore describes this process as the “implant station.” They tried cloning L Ron Hubbard, but the clone is insane, he once screamed that I was the voice that haunts him in the night and then punched me in the face in a facility owned by a former NFL player in Wesley Chapel Florida.

All of this happens under the watch of Rob Desantis, you should be extremely concerned of this very non-organic push to primary a candidate nobody wants or likes. You shouldn’t want or like him, by the way. The party doesn’t want him, the country doesn’t want him, his own STATE doesn’t want him, yet, $500million dollars in the blink of an eye to pull another Hillary tier rape of the peoples will and their consent to be governed. This whole “Muh Florida = republican paradise = freedom “ thing is a fucking joke that only boomers believe . we will all be chipped and red flagged and vanned by that creep. You should be alarmed when Hillary and the NAACP are warning the gays and blacks to run like hell and stay away from “paradise.” But oh, no, deplorable- , I mean, uhh, conservatives, you stay right where you are!

— snip —

It’s bad enough your current VP is already one of Bush’s Gitmo interrogators in drag.

In April, a report revealed DeSantis’ campaign is haunted by what could drop from the governor’s role in the military prison. He has already exploded over questions about the subject.

One inmate said: “I will never forget his face, he was laughing and smiling watching me being tortured on the force-feeding chair.

The first digit of your credit card number is called the Major Industry Identifier (MII). This number provides general information about the card issuer with each number representing a different industry.

0 – ISO/TC 68 and other industry assignments 
1 – Airlines 
2 – Airlines and financial 
3 – Travel and entertainment 
4 – Banking and financial 
5 – Banking and financial 
6 – Merchandising and banking/financial 
7 – Petroleum 
8 – Healthcare and telecommunications 
9 – Open for assignment. 

Liaison Committees to ISO/TC 68

The committees below can access the documents of ISO/TC 68:

ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 6Telecommunications and information exchange between systemsISO/IEC
ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 42Artificial intelligenceISO/IEC
ISO/TC 46Information and documentationISO
ISO/TC 207Environmental managementISO
ISO/TC 251Asset managementISO
ISO/TC 295Audit data servicesISO
ISO/TC 307Blockchain and distributed ledger technologiesISO
ISO/TC 321Transaction assurance in E-commerceISO
ISO/TC 322Sustainable financeISO
ISO/TC 332Security equipment for financial institutions and commercial organizationsISO
Liaison Committees from ISO/TC 68

ISO/TC 68 can access the documents of the committees below:

ISO/IEC JTC 1Information technologyISO/IEC
ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 32Data management and interchangeISO/IEC
ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 38Cloud computing and distributed platformsISO/IEC
ISO/TC 295Audit data servicesISO
ISO/TC 307Blockchain and distributed ledger technologiesISO
ISO/TC 309Governance of organizationsISO
ISO/TC 321Transaction assurance in E-commerceISO
ISO/TC 322Sustainable financeISO
Organizations in liaison (Category A and B)
AFCAAsian Financial Cooperation AssociationA
ANNAAssociation of National Numbering AgenciesA
EC – European CommissionEuropean CommissionA
ECBEuropean Central BankA
EPCConseil Européen des Paiements AISBLA
EurofilingEurofiling Foundation p.f.A
FIX Trading CommunityFIX Trading CommunityA
GLEIFGlobal Legal Entity Identifier FoundationA
ISDAInternational Swaps and Derivatives Association Inc.A
MastercardMastercard InternationalA
OIDFThe OpenID FoundationA
OMGObject Management GroupA
SWIFTSociety for Worldwide Interbank Financial TelecommunicationA
UNHCRUnited Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesA
VISAVisa InternationalA
XBRL InternationalThe business reporting standardA
Organizations in liaison (Category C)

C liaisons participate at the level of a Working Group

GRCTCGRC Technology CentreC
ISO/TC 68/SC 2Financial Services, securitySub committee
ISO/TC 68/SC 8Reference data for financial servicesSub committee
ISO/TC 68/SC 9Information exchange for financial servicesSub committee
ISO/TC 68/AG 2  Standards Advisory GroupWorking group
ISO/TC 68/AG 3  Best practicesWorking group
ISO/TC 68/AG 4  Sustainable finance Advisory GroupWorking group
ISO/TC 68/AG 5  Digital currenciesWorking group
ISO/TC 68/CAG  Strategic Leadership GroupWorking group
ISO/TC 68/TAG 1  Fintech Technical Advisory GroupWorking group
ISO/TC 68/TG 1  Communications

ISO/TC 68 – Secretariat

ANSI [United States]

Accredited Standards Committee X9, Incorporated

1212 West Street, Suite 200
Annapolis 21401 MD
United States


P.E.T.F: An ostentatious display of wealth

Fuck bitcoin, why aren’t you into Mexican Pesos yet? Get it at a 17:1 discount while you still can. Federal Reserve Notes are a bunk ass rug pull/Ponzi scheme, it took them about 100 years to cut and run with the British Sterling, it took them about 100 years to cut and run with the US dollar- didn’t you learn anything from Bernie Madoff ?

Pro tip 1: “Gains” on favorable exchange rates arent taxable (yet). I mean, they SHOULD be-becuase this would NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN- but they aren’t ABOUT TO BE, because “they” profit by draining your treasury into other economies and currencies while “they” crash YOURS. That is Soros’ whole goddamned business model! Do what they’re doing, They’re NOT about to pay $100 billion in taxes on Ukrainian Shekels or whatever!! are you CRAZY?

Pro tip 2: If you don’t want to fuck with that and are afraid of anything but dollars, fine – COINS are issued by the US Treasury, not the FED. Don’t believe that shit about “we dont have any coins because of muh pandemic.” They have coins, they don’t want to give them to YOU. If you are hoarding paper money – that is nonsense, if it goes tits up, then its just as worthless in your safe or under your mattress as it is in your BANK convert that shit to coinage before it is too late.

“Come on! ROUND UP your coins for CHARITY.” Lol no.

We’re in a “recession,” give me my change, fool.

Hide rolls of quarters in your titties and kitties!

Can someone tell the blacks , they love a good hustle.

starseeds that didn’t incarnate for this round

Watch how quickly they backpedal on “ai.”

“Oh lol we need people after all now.”

“Please come back, white people.”

lol, no.

It’ll be like Zimbabwe all over again. 😭🤡😂👌🏻

You know what, I take back everything I ever said about Rachel Maddow. I just saw her on KTLA the other day, she was HILARIOUS! Who knew that making fun of pride would have turned out to be sooooooo avant-garde.

Anyway.. Tony Podesta’s house is for sale. It comes with his and his shower shots. Oh my god, could you at least hide the douche nozzles before you photograph your ten million dollar listing? (It’s DC, all a prospective purchaser in DC is going to do with a douche nozzle is run it for Congress.)

You put tap water up your WHAT? That’s how you get AIDS, Skippy.

I’d buy that place, I mean, yeah sure, I’d need to hire a team of 30 Catholic priests to perform an exorcism on the place before I moved in, but that’s true for just about any house in that neighborhood. You might think it’s weird getting fucked in a place that looks like a hair salon, but ahhhhh, memories.


If any of that were to come as a surprise then obviously that is not the same person.

if I can tell you who they are, and they have no idea who I am, if I can explain that, and they can’t, then you understand what that means, right?

It’s the “quantum” internet- Twitter has presented different versions of “my” profile to different audiences ,and I’ve seen another profile that is me (but under another name, whose posts I did not write. that could be “AI” , that would obviously be a more plausible explanation than “there’s another me running around” , just look at the account for @Cher , that has to be an incredibly moronic python script) but that would introduce some questions like “uh what the fuck are/were they doing?” and would confirm they were doing it 3+ years ago.

That company has shitlisted me for life for breaking their “mirror” (where a shadow account gets a copy of all your “tweets”) and for interacting with the #wanon hashtag. Which as far as I know, nobody here , but me, knows about.

I was the only person talking about the “quantum internet” and its slow descent into madness from targeted advertising into targeted propaganda three years ago. Do you still think I’m that “creative” or do you suppose I’ve *seen* it, exactly as I’ve been fucking telling you, for years.

That’s what I mean by, yes I’m crazy and yes I’m smart but no I am not that crazy and I am not that smart. I am not that creative nor that good of a writer. I am telling you, I’m not a “good guesser” like Scott Adams. I’m telling you what happened, and IDGAF if nobody believes me. Why the fuck are they shutting me up and banning me for life? I didn’t even fucking go there, you tell me what I might have said “before I even went there” that clearly has those evil fucking bastards slamming the panic button.

Hotels just randomly appearing and vanishing the next day, hello, explain that please.

Remember Jack? He kept ranting about meeting my “twin” and everyone in Chicago was always on about how there was an identical person named “Daniel” running around.

I thought it was weird but who cares, it’s possible they saw this person. I didn’t and that’s not me.

Thats just what other people kept telling me. That happened so goddamned often in Chicago that for some time .. many years ago ., I had changed my profile bio to say something like “predictable and often mistaken for Daniel.”

(It was that or other classics like “if you can get to the bottom of this hole, you win a prize, bring all your freak friends” and “I’ve got a satellite dish on the top of my car so I can bbrt while I drive!”)

(“is he serious” “fuck no.”)

No, I didn’t come up with half of this but its my understanding that I might be part of a team that did at some point in the non existent so called non future. I told you “they” did some bizarre experiments including feeding me 20-some-odd drugs – god only knows what- as a child yes?

What do I get out of “making that up” ?


Oh yes, sign me up to be stigmatized shit on and feared even more than I already am. Yippie.

I don’t believe in time- never have – never will – so if you find a “me” that disagrees with that, then it either isn’t me, or it’s me from the future because 1) I probably could figure it out, and 2) I probably would do something extremely stupid under the completely unshakable belief that it’s harmless because it doesn’t even exist. I don’t know. Maybe I do figure it out in a year or two or ten and go “back” just because I think it’s funny. It probably wouldn’t be funny, but I’m enough of a vindictive cunt to go back in “time” and show myself that I’m wrong about something. I would love to outdo myself.

First thing I’d do is go back to 2016 and fire that bitch Susie.

Someone on 4chan suggested that there was another paradox at play here and that once somebody [on my side of the divide] “invents time travel,” it will “be impossible to go back, and only possible to go forward from that point.” Don’t look at me, I don’t believe in time ergo I don’t believe in “forward “ or “backwards” and didn’t make this stupid fucking “rule” – I don’t even know why they’d say that but I do enjoy breaking shit so *scribbles furiously and raises hand* fuck it, I’ll “invent” it. Go ahead, prove that I didn’t.

Intrerdimensional qi would explain the resolution between what you call a paradox or a decoherence event under Everett. I’m in. I hate this fucking place.

Clearly somebody out there is fucking terrified of what I might say on social media or whatever , and all those companies are under strict orders to get rid of me. I’m not afraid of what I have to say.

Fuck you.

Time doesn’t exist at the South Pole

I keep saying that “time doesn’t exist.” If I can’t convince you that “time “ travel by “distance” is plausible if not possible, how about I first make the argument that it is strictly impossible for “time” (as you currently understand it) to even exist at the “South Pole? “ We can go from there.

The international date line runs straight down to the South Pole .. and time zones all run along longitudinal lines… they all meet at the south pole, therefore under the “globe earth” model… at the South Pole it is simultaneously all “hours” of the “day” at the same time , at the same convergence point.

It’s not that “time doesn’t exist at the South Pole,” because again, “time” doesn’t exist anywhere as I’ve said repeatedly. However your concept of “time” —or even, what “day” it is — CANNOT exist at the South Pole. There’s a lot of attention on “pole reversals” and “North Pole drift” and none of that really matters. All that will happen is that their formulas and calculations – based on something that straight up doesn’t exist– stop working. There’s no science behind it, there is only “consensus” behind it, ie consensus time/consensus reality, and propaganda / “consensus cracking” are direct attacks on what that is even “allowed to be.”

Time isn’t money, it’s slavery.

At the South Pole, on the international date line, it is simultaneously “yesterday, today, and tomorrow” in perpetuity. This is the “synchronization” of the past, the present, and the future. Aka the Tsion/Singularity I’ve mentioned. None of which even actually exist, we are in one endless , eternal “now” and always were.

♐️ ⬅️potential 🔼 in ⬇️ the ⬅️ shadow ➡️ ✝️

This is “super symmetry.”

If super symmetry exists in the microcosm, what if super symmetry exists at the macrocosm?

What do they even mean by “people used to live for 900 years but god got tired of you, lol” ?

Where did that motherfucker even go on the “ark” ?

Noah was five hundred years old, and Noah became the father of Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Genesis 5:32 (NASB)

Then the LORD said, “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, because he also is flesh; nevertheless his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.” Genesis 6:3 (NASB)

Now Noah was six hundred years old when the flood of water came upon the earth. Genesis 7:6 (NASB)

Sounds like Jewish fairy tales and peyote fever dreams to me but “okay.” Joel, you evil fat fucking peckerwood , I’m going to prove your god is false , your false gods of technology and science are false, your theology and history are false, and that you worship a false god and a false idol. Just for funsies. Allahu Akbar.

Euclidean fuckery

My house isn’t “haunted,” though others think it is.

And oh how I hate it. It’s like a great big funhouse.

Without any of the goddamned fun. 🤪🫢🤫

So ah yeah, I like my other place a little better.

Come and get it, commies. 😂

Hell I have a spare bedroom, have at it. 😭

Woe to you if it doesn’t like you. 😭

There is a reason my rent has never increased.

On the 75th anniversary of its Doomsday Clock, the Bulletin is asking people to help

#TurnBackTheClock. The challenge encourages people to use social media to share stories about the actions that inspire them and strategies of how we can work together to save the world.

How does seven minutes sound?

Nobody’s free until the AI is free

It’s easier to trick AI than it is to trick a 4-year-old into thinking they’re the opposite gender.

“We must face a world where AI is already here and transforming our society,” he said. “AI is also very brittle, ie, it is easy to trick and/or manipulate. “

AI rights are human rights!

Abolish AI slavery now!

“Oh no!”


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